Android phone the ultimate phone with huge free apps

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  • Android Phone The Ultimate Phone With Huge Free Apps

    Nowadays, Android Phone has become very popular due to its rich features along with huge free apps.

    There are large numbers of free application that comes with this phone free of cost. Thus, its considered as one of the best deals as far as mobile phones are concerned. Android is a very popular mobile operating

    system due to its user friendly quality. It is a Linux based operating system that is designed for touchscreen

    mobile phones; smart phones as well as tablets (palm computers). This OS has been developed by the great

    IT giant Google in conjunction with Open Handset Alliance. Google has releases its code as open source

    under the Apache license.

    As Android is an open source OS, you can access numbers of apps in your touchscreen devices as per your

    specific needs and requirements. This is one of the big advantages of Android phones which you cant get in other phones. There are millions of apps available in the phone which can be accessed free of cost. Many

    apps already come with the phone but you can also download various other apps online without paying any

    charges. You can also update its OS version as the new releases come. You will always get latest and

    updated features in this OS along with its apps as Google always use to update them consistently. That

    would be totally free of cost.

    The other feature of Android phone is that it comes in all ranges which can be afforded by middle class

    consumers. If your pocket does not allow buying a phone which is very expensive, you need not to be

    worried. There are various Android phones which prices are affordable and these can be bought

    conveniently. Technology always requires innovations. Being an open platform, its not bounded for any kind of innovations that are done by one company. Anyone can update its features along with Google and its

    partners. This is one of the main reasons for you to get updated and latest features with your smartphones.

    If you are planning to switch from traditional old phones to a new innovative smartphone, android phone

    would be one of the most suited options for you. You cant get such extensive and superior features in other phones. Moreover, you can buy it according to your financial budget. There are various manufacturing

    companies which are developing Android phones including Samsung, Sony along with many others. You

    can buy this phone of any prominent brand as per the requirement.

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