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1. Portfolio of web projects Implemented by Kanti Kumar 2. euro.who.int Strategic planning, development and management Leading site redesigns: new structure, new CMS and responsive Developing and implementing social media strategy Establishing and expanding web communications team 3. euro.who.intJuly 2009 4. euro.who.intMay 2010 5. euro.who.intJuly 2012 6. euro.who.intOctober 2013 7. WHO.int Managing corporate content in 6 languages Developing new content products: features, podcast Planning & fielding global web survey in 6 languages Developing content guidelines, style guide 8. Unvolunteers.org New visual design for global site and 3 country office sites New structure and navigation Implementing new CMS, with custom taxonomy Global site in 3 languages: English, French, Spanish 9. WorldVolunteerWeb.org New visual design New structure and navigation; templates for regional versions Implementing new CMS, with custom taxonomy New features: blog, comments, dynamic topic pages, newsletters 10. DigitalOpportunity.org Planning & building new site in CMS Developing IA, taxonomy and content New features: discussion forums, newsletter 11. UNV Global Staff Meeting 2005 site Collaboration platform using blogging application Developing content in multiple languages Documentation in text, audio-video, photos, presentations 12. Centre Vedantique Voluntary project, using WordPress and Flickr: English & French Building the sites & regular updates and maintenance 13. The South Reports Voluntary project, using WordPress and custom theme Advice on technology and social media strategy