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  1. 1. Google AdWords Campaign By: Kyle Cavazos Johana Guerra Shannon Price
  2. 2. Journalism PhD Program
  3. 3. 51 total keywords used for all ads Most expensive keyword: $3.75 Budget = $3.80 Google Keywords
  4. 4. First Results Expensive keywords No clicks or very few The location set only to U.S. Incorrect/insufficient budget used Original Ad Problems
  5. 5. Changed Ad names and descriptions Changed School name (UT/University of Texas [at Austin]) Changed targeted location to international countries (Eng. language used). Changed link: utexas journalism.utexas Fixed budget amount Ad Modifications
  6. 6. The Final Ads
  7. 7. Avg. CPC went down from $4-5 to >~$2 Received clicks on every ad Improved avg. position from 3/4 to 2 Final results
  8. 8. Continue to change keywords. Adjust budget for different results. Mobile ads (?) Research other similar ads for ideas Narrow specific pages (difficult with UTs site) Further Improvements