Uživatelská přívětivost Apple Macbooku Air podle principů User Experience Designu

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  • 1. Uivatelsk pvtivost Apple Macbooku Airpodle princip User ExperienceDesignuDavid mehlkTeorie interaktivnch mdi 2011

2. User Experience?User Experience Design? 3. User Experience?User Experience Design?ISO, Mezinrodn organizace pro normalizaci, definuje UX jako:"a persons perceptions and responses thatresult from the use or anticipated use of aproduct, system or service" 4. Zmaten pojm Human-Computer InteractionUser-Centered DesignUser Experience DesignInteraction Design User Interface Design 5. Zmaten pojmUXDUCD > > UIDIXDHCI 6. Don Norman text 7. Principy1. Visibility2. Feedback3. Constraints4. Mapping5. Consistency6. Affordance 8. Macbook Air? 9. Analza HW lbek na otevrn >> Affordanceindikace stavu baterie "offline" >> Feedback 10. Analza HW 11. Analza HW 12. Analza SW Menu bar >> ConsistencyLaunchpad ve verzi Lion >> Visibility 13. Analza SW 14. Analza SW 15. Zvr? 16. Prameny (vzorek)NORMAN, Donald. Design pro kad den. Praha: Dokon, 2010.BUXTON, Bill. Sketching user experiences. Amsterdam: Elsevier,2007.JURSA, Jan, et al. UX Storytellers. Online, 2010.HASSENZAHL, Marc. User Experience and Experience Design. In:Soegaard, Mads and Dam, Rikke Friis (eds.). "Encyclopedia ofHuman-Computer Interaction". 2011. Available online at http://www.interaction-design.org/encyclopedia/user_experience_and_experience_design.html