Think - Feel - Do: A framework for facilitating content strategy

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What if you could get everyone in the room on the same page without even knowing they've been content strategized? Using a "think/feel/do" framework to facilitate your content strategy conversations can be an effective way to get a diverse group of stakeholders on the same page quickly. This helpful tool encourages discussions about project goals, messaging hierarchy, and messaging priority. Everyone across disciplines can participate, and all voices are equal! "Think/feel/do" is also helpful for working with stakeholders to identify gaps in current behavior and translate them into tangible, measurable success metrics that you can use to prove content strategy wins.

Text of Think - Feel - Do: A framework for facilitating content strategy

  • 1. Think - Feel - DoA framework for facilitatingcontent strategy conversations(Or, how you can get everyone talking content strategywithout even realizing theyre doing it.)Tizzy AsherSenior Content Strategist

2. I neeeeeed myprecious link onthe homepage! 3. Whataction do I takeas a result?DoWhat are myemotions(fears, needs, joys)?FeelWhat do Iknow or understand?Think 4. Value props Messagingstrategies Brand attributesROI, KPI, ARPU,CPA, $$$$$if (typeof $LAB !=='undefined' && typeof$LAB.queueWait =='function') {What do you want your users toThinkFeelDo? 5. - 31 points of sale with 13.4 million visitors a month- 800 optimization tests in 2013- 60+ UX and visual designers and 120+ productmanagers with only 9 content strategists 6. What were you thinking?Think back to what it felt like to plan your trip here.What were you feeling?What did you do? 7. We asked users the same questions. 8. We also asked users how they felt about travel.Its inspiringIts personalIts fun 9. Now we had our user context. And we can starta conversation.I just want toSEARCHDoStressedOverwhelmedFeelTravel planning isso much workI dont knowwhere to startThink 10. If this is where our users are how can we transform our think, feel, do?Search!InspiredExcitedPlanning my trip iseasy and FUNThis ismy stuffI just want toSEARCHStressedOverwhelmedTravel planning isso much workI dont knowwhere to start 11. Search!InspiredExcitedPlanning my trip iseasy and FUNThis ismy stuff 12. Your ad clutters up the homepage.Tourism Media 13. ToTuoriusrmis mM eMdeiadia 14. I understand what our users need!Gisela Giardino on Flickr 15. Wilson Hui on FlickrSearch is still 16. PrioritizedInspiringPersonalized 17. Hey, thats my trip!And my searches! 18. I like the new homepage.Much cleaner and easier to focuson what I need to do. 19. I LOVE the new look.Its very user friendly,easy on the eyes. Kudos. 20. Ah, harmony simple, right? 21. What do you wantyour user to Do? 22. Our research team visited 10 users in their homesas they shopped for travel. 23. ??? ???ThinkDo???Feel 24. And what did these 10 users do? 25. Theres so much tokeep track ofI dont knowwhen to buyThinkTake notes on paperDoIntimidatedJumping all overUncertainFeel 26. Meet Scratchpad. 27. 29 28. We had a clear user pain. 29. Scratchpadkeeps track for meI understandwhen to buyThinkCome back toScratchpad to seenotes and updatesDoConfidentIn controlFeel 30. What a great idea. Really helps tokeep all your choices straight asyou plan a trip! A step aheadof the competition! 31. So we had a conversation.Scratchpadkeeps track for meI understandwhen to buyThinkConfidentIn controlFeelCome back toScratchpad to seenotes and updatesDo 32. - Just book a hotel already- Remove hotels youre not interested in- Compare hotels- Do the same search you did before again- Do a different search???? 33. - Just book a hotel already- Remove hotels youre not interested in- Compare hotels- Sign Do the up same for the search emailyou did before again- Do a different search 34. Take notes on paperIntimidatedJumping all overUncertainIf we start here...Theres so much to keeptrack ofI dont knowwhen to buyWhat content do we need to get here?Keep track of changesand notes via theScratchpad email???? ???? 35. Theres so much tokeep track of.I dont knowwhen to buy.What do users think? 36. What if our content helped users thinkIll getinside information.I could miss out onsomething I want.I can keep track ofchanges in the market. 37. ThingschangeInsiderKeeptrack 38. What if our content helped users thinkScratchpad will find mean exclusive deal.Im the only onewho gets these deals.The deals arerelevant to me. 39. ExclusiveRelevantto meFor me only 40. What do users feel?IntimidatedJumping all overUncertain 41. What if our content helped users feelConfidentI wont miss outIn controlthis isn't spamPossessivethis is my stuff 42. ConfidentPossessiveIn control 43. ConfidentFearof lossIn controlConfident 44. Stakeholders could feel the impact of thecontent strategy.Woof? 45. What do you think this is doing?How does this make you feel?Would you sign up? 46. makes me think youre going tospam me! 47. So, whats the best way to start usingThink - Feel - Do as a facilitation framework? 48. First, get your stakeholders in a room. 49. And then have a conversation. 50. Where do we want our users to think, feel, do????????? ????Think Feel Do 51. Where are our users thinking, feeling, doing now????? ???? ????Think Feel Do 52. What content do we need at each pointalong the way? 53. So why is Think - Feel - Do valuable as a framework forcontent strategy facilitation?- Makes content strategy part of the process ratherthan an isolated deliverable- Flexible and easy to use- Encourages empathy 54. Think - Feel - Do is not- A one-and-done exercise- A mind-change prevention tool- A solution only you own as the content person 55. How canwe help?Right content, righttime. How can we helpa user who isntready to buy?I neeeeed mypreciouslink on thehome page! 56. Many, many thank yous toErin KissaneDaniel Eizansfor providing the Think - Feel - Do lensand thank YOU for listening 57. Questions?Thoughts? know, Im old school.)