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2. Table of Contents IRVING Products Benefits Advantages STEEL IRVING Smooth Welded Grating IRVING Serrated Welded Grating In Mexico City, on April 26, 1955, Walter Irving IRVING Heavy-Traffic Welded Grating established the first company dedicated to the Technical Specs manufacture of grating for industrial flooring in Tolerable Load Charts Mexico., Irving, S.A. rapidly became the most IRVING Stainless Steel1 important manufacturer of industrial flooring in Mexico.. Welded Grating Tolerable Load Charts In 1993, Irving, S.A. was able to further consolidate its IRVING Steel Steps position as the leader in the grating business, after. Holders buying out the company Electroforjados Nacionales Installation recommendations S.A. de C. V. which had been founded in Queretaro City in 1972. ARCHITECTURE This merger gave birth to the most important company in the manufacturing and distribution of Tree Protections and Urban Guards industrial grating in Mxico. Now, IRVING is part of. Stairs and Banisters Harsco Corporation, a Fortune 1000 company. Our Architectural Fences vision to expand has pushed us to develop new Curbs and Sewers products and applications. Our quality is not only reflected in our products but in the way in which we provide our service through branches and distributors that cover the entire Republic of Mexico and allow us ALL IRVING PRODUCTS ARE MANUFACTURED to export into the rest ACCORDING TO NAAMM STANDARDS. of Latin America.During this 50th anniversary, Irving renews its commitment to providing quality products and with excellent service.The objective of this catalog is to provide our customers with the information necessary concerning all of the most common applications for our steel and arquitectural products 3. In addition to all the advantages offered by IRVING products, the following inherent value-added aspects come with each product :2 VALUE IN SERVICE AND SUPPORTWork Site Training Customer Service Product Installation Customized Solutions Our owned plant has large production capabilitiesVALUE IN QUALITYThe support of the IRVING brand IRVING's Quality System First-class Steel Export quality Among the Top 100 companies in magazine Obras (Works, in Spanish) Compliant with ANSI NAAMM standardsFINANCIAL VALUECredit lines Electronic Payment capabilitiesVALUE IN LOGISTICSReliable and complete delivery Nationwide Coverage (with our own branches and dealers) 4. IRVING Products IRVING products are manufactured with the highest-quality materials in various finishes to satisfy your needs:Carbon Steel Stainless SteelYou will find the following IRVING Steel and architecture products in this catalog:Smooth welded grating Serrated welded grating Heavy-duty welded grating 3 Stainless steel grating Safety steps Chair-type fasteners Benches, streetlamps, etc. Curbs and drainage coversWhy use IRVING steel gratingOpens areas to allow the flow of light, air, heat and sound between floor levels A floor on which liquids and gases can not build-up Easy to install Adaptable to complex floor patterns and difficult-to-cover areas A high load to weight ratio 5. BenefitsA key benefit to using IRVINGis our fabrication operations thatallow you to customized your grating toyour plans and specs. IRVING warrantees the quality ofIts products and the properapplication of it. It also offers abroad range of steel grating types forevery need. The fabrication of grating, backed bya department of highly trainedengineers, has turned IRVING into 4the manufacturer of choice for grating.Fabricated grating has been used incomplex constructions,such as: the ventilation system ofthe Mexico City subway, the heliportin Hotel Nikko, the Mexico CityInternational Airport, cementfactories, off-shore oil platforms andother large projects throughout Mexicoand the world. We are capable of working withCustomized projects of nearly anyshape, cut or other detail. Ourengineering department will assessthe application, necessary supportsand load requirements and willrecommend the best type and shape ofgrating for the job. 6. Strong but lightOur grating is light and strong. It is themost efficient option for flooring due to itseconomical cost, and lower weight per Advantages square meter. Light and ventilationUsed as industrial flooring, grating allowslight and air to pass through from one floorto the other, which will lower your energycosts. InstallationInstallation of grating is very easy and ismade even more. So when fabricated tothe specific customized needs ofour customers. SafetyOur grating enhances work area safety,5due to the elimination of standing liquidswhich helps prevent slippery areas thatcan cause accidents. We recommendserrated grating for areas where liquids oroils are handled. DurabilityDo to its design, its manufacturing process,and the quality of its materials, IRVINGgrating needs very little maintenance, andwill give you years of service.When installed in corrosive environments,we suggest hot-dipped galvanized gratingor stainless steel grating in order toprolong durability. Our sales departmentcan recommend the best option for yourneeds. Quality and warrantyIRVING grating is subject to the moststringent quality control, and has a one-year warranty if used as described in thiscatalog. 7. Product DescriptionIRVING smooth welded grating ismade of bar that can vary in width and IRVING Smooththickness depending on the load the Welded Grating grating will be subject to, and to thearea they will cover. The bars arejoined by several cold-processed andcold-cut cross-rods (stiffeners), thatforms the shape of a skewed square.The joint between the bar and thecross-rod is achieved by means of anelectrowelding process, ensuring thefusion of each joint. Technical properties and strengthThe width of the bar is determined bythe stress it will be exposed to. Thecross-rods strengthen the bar and keep 6it from buckling and flexing, when loadsare placed on it. FinishFinishes include:NaturalBlack water-based paintHot-dip galvanizing ApplicationsPlatformsWalkwaysDrainsBreathersCat-walksPaint boothsConveyor beltsMachine roomsProtectorsFan grating, as well as others 8. Product Description IRVING serrated welded grating has the same features and specifications that smooth welded grating has, except that it is manufactured with IRVING serrated serrated bars that provide an antiskid surface Welded grating Technical properties and strength This type of grating is manufactured in various bars widths and thicknesses to withstand different types of loads. Serrated grating offers maximum protection in slippery areas that help keep shoes, boots and tires from slipping. They provide better grip in areas prone toe spills.Finish Finishes include: Natural Black water-based paint Hot-dip galvanizing7 Applications Flooring Off-Shore oil platforms Heliports Train cars Platforms in filling machines Deposit tanks Kitchens Power plants, as well as others Conversion chart for the serrated grating U: Uniform load (in kg/m2) C: Concentrated load (in kg/linear meter) 9. Product DescriptionIRVING heavy-duty welded grating isdesigned to withstand static or rollingloads. It is used mainly for heavy-duty IRVING Heavy Traffic vehicles, including Airplanes. Welded GratingTechnical properties and strengthIRVING heavy-duty grating has load barswith widths from 50.8 mm (2) to 101.6 mm(4) and thicknesses of 6 mm (1/4), 7.9mm (5/16) or 9.5 mm (3/8). The crossrods used have a diameter of 9.5mm (3/8)to 12.7 mm (). Finishing barsWe recommend the use of finishing barsfor grating subject to rolling loads, as wellas for heavy-duty grating, because thesebars provide better strength and rigidity.The official loads H10, H15, H208established by the AASTHO* are thebasis for the design of this type of grating. Rolling loadH 10 4,717.36 kg (10 x 10 footprint)H- 15 7,076.04 kg(15 x 15 footprint)H 20 9,434.72 kg (20 x 20 footprint) Impact factor is 30%Load distribution method Each tire distributed over a width of 10(H10): 15 (H15); 20 (H20) two times, plusthe distance centerline to centerline of thebars over a length in each rod equal to 10for H-10, 15 for H-15 and 20 for H-20. The maximum allowed stress, according tothe AASHTO specs for road bridgesPlain gap Calculations based on ASTM A36 steel AirportsPublic roadwaysIndustrial drainage, as well as others. * American Association Society of State HighwayTransportation Officials 10. TYPE APPLICATIONS Technical Specs Recommended for alltypes of use With less spacing between bars. Recommended for heavy traffic or where a higher load capacity is needed With less spacing between the bars and cross-rods. Used whenever a higherload capacity is needed 9With less spacingbetween the bars. With 18% more capabilitythat IS-05 Same as type IS-03, but with cross rodswith less spacing Same as type IS-05, but with cross rodswith less spacing APPROXIMATE WEIGHT (KG / M2) OF THE WELDED GRATINGIf you need more spacing between bars, Milimetres Inches IS-01 IS-02 IS-03 IS-04 IS-05 IS-06inquire about IS-01 to IS-06 bars and 1/3 IS- 01 to IS-06 bars. IRVING grating panels are classified by types, according to the spacing between the bars and cross-rods.The panel sizes for: IS-01 and IS-02 is: 0.585 x 6.00 m IS-03 and IS-04 is: 0.806 x 6.00 m IS 05 and IS 06 is: 1.00 x 6.00 m 11. TABLE OF PERMISSIBLE LOADS FOR IRVING STEEL GRATING LoadBar Smooth Serrated SizesBarBar10 12. Product Description IRVING stainless steel welded grating IRVING Stainless Steel has thesame design of those made from carbon welded grating steel. It is made of bars in varying widthsand thicknesses, based on the load it willsupport, and the area it will cover. Thebars are joined by cross-rods (stiffeners).The standard panels are 0.995 x 3.00 m Technical properties and strength The stainless steel welded grating ismanufactured in various widths, from3/4 up to 2 1/2, and bar thicknessesfrom 1/8 or 3/16, and can withstanddifferent types of