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Sociolinguistics: Language and Gender

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Text of Sociolinguistics: Language and Gender

Pidgins and Creoles

Language and GenderSOCIOLINGUISTICSGender IntroductionWhat is natural for a man differs from what is natural for woman. It is a key component of identity in societies.

Man vs Woman AspectsSTEREOTYPESMan Aspects

Woman Aspects

Man and Woman StereotypesWomanManTodays GoalWe will look at some of the evidence that there are gender differences in language use.

Man will initiate to startRESEARCH FINDINGS

Mans tone is louder & low RESEARCH FINDINGS

Man frequently interrupt womanRESEARCH FINDINGS

Woman learn language fasterRESEARCH FINDINGS


Woman talk more in social statusRESEARCH FINDINGS

Woman talk more in interest RESEARCH FINDINGS

Woman more polite than manRESEARCH FINDINGS

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