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Social Games Considerations

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  • 1. Reach Retention Revenue 11/17/09 Rob Fulop

2. Key difference = Constant Refinement 11/17/09 Rob Fulop 3.

  • 200 million active users
  • More than 850 million photos uploaded to the site each month
  • More than 8 million videos uploaded each month
  • More than 1 billion pieces of content (web links, news stories, blog posts, notes, photos, etc.) shared each week
  • More than 2.5 million events created each month
  • More than 25 million active user groups exist on the site

Facebook 11/17/09 4. Top 20 Social Games Gathering Hunting/Gathering King of the Hill Socializing Personal Expression 5. Top 20 Social Games 11/17/09 6. Analytics are a MUST for Social Games Decide what features to focus onUnderstand how your app actually performs Take guesswork out of your design decisions 11/17/09 Rob Fulop 7. 3 As of Analytics ActionableAccessibleAuditable 11/17/09 8. Analytic#1ENTRY Measures: First entry the user takes in asession Action:Test to see what entry events mosteffective at bringing them back 11/17/09 Rob Fulop 9. Analytic#2MESSAGES Measures: Outbound Messages per User Action:A/B test of content/copy 11/17/09 Rob Fulop 10. Analytic#3VIRAL CONVERSION Measures: Messaging Click Thru Rates (CTR) Action:A/B test of content/copy 11/17/09 Rob Fulop 11. Analytic#4VIRALITY Measures: Organic Growth / Installs per Invite Action:Decide on Reach/Retention/Revenues 11/17/09 Rob Fulop 12. Analytic#5ENGAGEMENT Measures: Time playing game Action:Add more stuff to do 11/17/09 Rob Fulop 13. Analytic#6EXIT EVENT Measures: Last action taken by user Action:Improve user experience of last event 11/17/09 Rob Fulop 14. Analytic#7RETENTION Measures: How often do they come back? Action:Add timer based events11/17/09 Rob Fulop 15. Analytic#8CUSTOMER VALUE Measures: How much is a user worth (LTNV)? Action:Make sure LTNV > Acquisition Cost 11/17/09 Rob Fulop 16. Analytic#9CONVERSION Measures: How many free users willing to pay? Action:Createmonetization pointsandscarcity 11/17/09 Rob Fulop 17. Analytic#10REVENUES/USER Measures: How many free users willing to pay? Action:Createmonetization pointsandscarcity 11/17/09 Rob Fulop 18. So, the main question is:

  • How do you get your audience to pay for your product when the free part is over?
  • Especially when the cost to play something else is free.

11/17/09 Rob Fulop 19. What is (or isnt) the player doing?

  • How far did the user get before they ran out of time?
  • If the game is supposed to be addictive why isnt the user purchasing the game?

11/17/09 Rob Fulop 20. Did the user even finish the trial?

  • What were they doing when they bailed?
  • Often times there was a specific level where people decided to give up or go pro.
    • thats not a bad thing if people converted significantly on a certain level.
  • Is there a obvious problem to be found?
    • Most oftenyes .

11/17/09 Rob Fulop 21. The Main Conditions

  • How long did they play for?
    • And what were they doing when they stopped?
  • Did they come back again?
    • How long did it take them to come back?
  • Did they play to the end and not buy?
    • Where were they when the shutter came down?
  • Was there anything in particular that they loved or hated?
    • Players tended to bail in clumps.

11/17/09 Rob Fulop 22. Focus on metrics that surround the activities you're looking to promote.

  • The single most important thing to capture is what the player is doing when they stopped playing your game.
  • What was the first thing did when they came back?
  • Use your metrics to target when the users made the decisions you actively want them to make.

11/17/09 Rob Fulop 23. 11/17/09

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