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Fashionistas have long turned to the web as a place to dish on what’s hot this season, but the rise of mobile is giving way to a new breed of mobile-first fashion startups that are reaching women on their ultimate accessory - the smartphone. With the built-in intelligence and awareness of smartphones, style apps today can not only find an outfit a user would like – but one that’s suited for the cold front that just blew in and the date they have scheduled in their calendar. Whether it’s the stolen minutes throughout the day on their phone, or laid back time in the evenings on their tablet, these apps are capitalizing on the emerging ways that people are interacting with mobile devices and are taking cues from some of the most popular apps of the day, including Flipboard, Pinterest, and Instagram. Panelists from three of today’s top fashion apps explore what content works on mobile, how device hardware can enhance the experience, and why Siri might one day be your personal Rachel Zoe.Tweet about at #siriismystylist

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2. In 1995, Clueless showed us the future of fashionCher used photos, because She had an electronic closet A computer program toldshe didnt trust mirrorsto browse her outts her what to wear#siriismystylist 3. Today,these technologies are not only real,they are accessible to everyone on their favoriteaccessory.The smartphone #siriismystylist 4. Hardware such as GPS can help us know when to dress forrain, and nd us a cute raincoat in case we forget #siriismystylist 5. Visual search lets us recreate designer looks at a price point were comfortable with.#siriismystylist 6. Mobile social lets us follow the lives ofdesigners and models and buy the productsthey buy #siriismystylist 7. Rachel YouensSeth PorgesAlisa Gould-Simon Sarah Kunst VP Creative & Partnerships, Pose Director of BizDev, KaleidoscopeMobile Manager, Forever 21Co-Founder, Cloth #siriismystylist 8. How are mobile fashion apps taking cues fromsome of todays top apps?#siriismystylist 9. Why is the intimacy with our mobile device, and thepower of women in mobile social so important for fashion?#siriismystylist 10. What fashion content works best on mobile and what are some of the innovative new ways we are lettingusers browse and discover? #siriismystylist 11. Siri my isStylist SXSW 2013 panel#siriismystylist