Share YourSelfie

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I came up with this PP presentation idea to illustrate how I use my magazine design skills to tell a visual story. I started with a blank page, came up with the Selfie Locator App and created a fun presentation for young people who love to express themselves by taking and sharing their selfies.

Text of Share YourSelfie

  • 1.Express your Selfie Be the first one to Bring your mobile shots to the next level!

2. image explosion Selfies are the new way to Express yourself and to connect with your friends 3. close-up shots most selfies Dont show where you are 4. Guess the location 5. Know the location 6. The big picture Let your friends see the current location youre at 7. offers the best backgrounds for your Selfies worldwide Selfie Locator Selfie Locator Find the right backdrop for your next selfie shot Location search: 8. Selfie Locator Helps you to locate the coolest backdrops informs you about local light conditions lets you share: your discovered backdrops on our membership site & your travel selfies on our Facebook page 9. Know where to go Selfie Locator is helping you to find the best backdrops 10. Catch the good light Selfie Locator is giving you the local light conditions 11. Be the first one Upload discovered backdrops to our membership site M e m b e r s h i p s i t e Selfie Locator 12. Share your memories Post your own travel selfies to our facebook Page F a c e b o o k p a g e Selfie Locator 13. Selfie Locator the world is waiting for you Get One + Be OneSelfie Locator Find the right backdrop for your next selfie shot Location search: 14. Presentation Concept & Design: andrea lange Selfie Locator is a fictitious invention by Andrea Lange Design Andrea is a Freelance Art Director in the San Francisco Bay Area Images: depositphotos, selfiecity and DTTSP