Prolog Making a LARP is to Design ans Activity (to create an Experience)

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Text of Prolog Making a LARP is to Design ans Activity (to create an Experience)

  • 1. Jon Back1Jon Back -

2. Jon Back Lek, Spel, Verklighet The Mobile Life Centre,StockholmsUniversitet2 Jon Back - 3. Jon Back3Jon Back - 4. Eller:4Jon Back - 5. 5 Jon Back - 6. Designer designSpelareaktivitetupplevelse6 Jon Back - 7. 7 Jon Back - 8. 8 Jon Back - 9. noun1. a plan or drawing produced to show the look and function or workings of a building, garment, or other object before it is made: he has just unveiled his design for the new museuma. [mass noun] the art or action of conceiving of and producing a plan or drawing of something before it is made: good design can help the reader understand complicated informationb. [mass noun] the arrangement of the features of an artefact, as produced from following a plan or drawing: inside, the designreverts to turn-of-the-century luxe2. a decorative pattern: pottery with a lovely blue and white design3. [mass noun] purpose or planning that exists behind an action, fact, or object: the appearance of design in the universe9Jon Back - 10. A specification of an object, manifested by an agent, intended to accomplish goals, in a particular environment, using a set of primitive components, satisfying a set of requirements, subject to constraints. Ralph & Wand (2009)10Jon Back - 11. "Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. Steve Jobs11Jon Back - 12. Allafokuserarpfysiskaartefakter! Lajvrinte en fysiskartefakt!12 Jon Back - 13. Designerndesignar. Men spelarnagraktivitetersomleder till upplevelser.13 Jon Back - 14. Designer design Spelare aktivitet upplevelse14 Jon Back - 15. game designers create experience, but only indirectly Spelremergenta system och du msteitererafrattfnskatresultat Salen& Zimmerman15Jon Back - 16. Du kanintedesignaaktiviteten, men du kanlggagrundenfraktivitetengenomattdesi gnasystemet, genomattdesignaartefakten16Jon Back - 17. 17 Jon Back - 18. 18 Jon Back - 19. noun (plural activities) 1. [mass noun] the condition in which things are happening or being done:there has been a sustained level of activity in the economy a. busy or vigorous action or movement: the room was a hive ofactivity 2. (usually activities) a thing that a person or group does or has done:the firms marketing activitiesa.a recreational pursuit or pastime: a range of sportingactivities 3. Chemistry a thermodynamic quantity representing the effectiveconcentration of a particular component in a solution or other system,equal to its concentration multiplied by an activity coefficient.19 Jon Back - 20. 20 Jon Back - 21. Olikaforskningsflt, olikatankar Intealltidkopplade till varandra21Jon Back - 22. What is left over if I subtract the fact that my arm goes up from the fact that I raise my arm? Wittgenstein22Jon Back - 23. causing wilful human bodily movements Aristotelesochframt23 Jon Back - 24. a behavior caused by an agent in a particular situation agent desire+belief bodily behavior Donald Davidson throwing a ball v/s catching a cold24 Jon Back - 25. an Action is social if the acting individual takes account of the behavior of others and is thereby oriented in its courseMax Weber non-positivist. Vrlden r mer n det man kan observera.25 Jon Back - 26. Rationella Leder till mlet, utantankepkonsekvenser Instrumentella Efterutvrderandeavmlifrhllande till andraml Knslostyrda Okontrollerade reaktioner Knslospnningar Knslor Sociala Genereradeavvadsomkanhnda (t.ex. ngest/oskerhet) Genereradeavgldjeochsorg Reaktion p tanke Krlekochavsky Aristoteles26 Jon Back - 27. Pavlovsreflexionismrckerintefrattfrklaradjurs beteendenochatt de harettaktivtfrhllande till verkligheten. Activities Mnniskorgr"actions"sominte, i sig sjlva, upfyllerettbehov, men leder mot ettifrlngingen. Blirfrsteligtfrsti social kontext Leontev, byggerpVygotsky27Jon Back - 28. Activity Theory iHCIbeskriver meningsfullainteraktioner mellansubjektochobjektivlden, medierade med verktyg Psykologiskaochfysiska Verkygpverkarhurmnniskorinteragerarmed objekt Kaptelinin28 Jon Back - 29. Handlingensanatomi Ml Intention Besluta handling Exekvera handling Uppfatta vrlden Tolka vrlden Utvrderaresultatet Norman29Jon Back - 30. Dettahandlarommnniskor Spelarermnniskorsomspelar en roll Spelarenkanupplevarollensom den harandraknslor, vilketleder till andra actions och activities. Mstefrhlla sig bde till roll ochspelare. _30Jon Back - 31. Slutarofta med action. Attfrst en aktivitetrsvrare.31Jon Back - 32. 32 Jon Back - 33. 33 Jon Back - 34. Legalt Kulturellt Individuellt AntanasMockus (fdborgmstare, Bogota, Colombia)34 Jon Back - 35. 35 Jon Back - 36. 36 Jon Back - 37. noun 1. [mass noun] practical contact with andobservation of facts or eventsa.the knowledge or skill acquired by a periodof practical experience of something, especially that gained in a particular profession: you should have the necessary experience in health management 2. an event or occurrence which leaves an impression on someone37Jon Back - 38. En mentaltuppfattad, oberarbetadaktivitet Uppfattad ProcessadSpard Ibland bttre senare n just nu Kopplad till minne Kopplad till knsla (vad nu detr)38 Jon Back - 39. Dualism Monoism The Mind-Body Problem39 Jon Back - 40. Medvetenhethar en subjektivkaraktrNagel The sensation of colour cannot be accounted for by the physicists objective picture of light-waves. Could the physiologist account for it, if he had fuller knowledge than he has of the processes in the retina and the nervous processes set up by them in the optical nerve bundles and in the brain? I do not think so. Shrdinger _40Jon Back - 41. ineffable;kanbarakommunicerasellerfrstsmeddirekt erfarenhet. intrinsic;ndrasinteberoendepupplevelsenskoppling till andraupplevelser. private;kanintesystematisktjmfrasmellanpersoner. apprehensible in consciousness; tattupplevaqualerattvetaatt man uppleverquale.Daniel Dennett41Jon Back - 42. Om fysisk theory of mind mstefrhlla sig till subjektivaerfarenheterkanobjektivametoder ochreducerandevetenskapaldrighitta en sanning42 Jon Back - 43. 43 Jon Back - 44. 44 Jon Back - 45. Detfunkarjutydligen, svarfrkan vi nddesigna, trots att vi inte vet vad folk kommergra?45Jon Back - 46. "To play a game is to attempt to achieve a specific state of affairs [prelusory goal], using only means permitted by rules [lusory means], where the rules prohibit use of more efficient in favour of less efficient means [constitutive rules], and where the rules are accepted just because they make possible such activity [lusory attitude]. Bernard Suits _46Jon Back - 47. Frivillighet Magic Circle, detsocialakontraktet Huizinga / Salen& Zimmerman47Jon Back - 48. the map is not the territoryKorzybski One describes a tale best by telling the tale. You see? The way one describes a story, to oneself or the world, is by telling the story. It is a balancing act and it is a dream. The more accurate the map, the more it resembles the territory. The most accurate map possible would be the territory, and thus would be perfectly accurate and perfectly useless. The tale is the map that is the territory. Gaiman48Jon Back - 49. The more control we give to the player, the harder it is to know what they do. But if we limit it to narrow, they will not care Jesse Shell49Jon Back - 50. A game designers goal is not to design games. They are just a means to an end The game is not the expereince, the game enables the experience Jesse Shell50 Jon Back - 51. 51 Jon Back - 52. 52 Jon Back - 53. Allatnkerintelika, men du kanlradinaspelareatttnka rtt. och du kanlra dig dinaspelare. (empatir en rtt bra grej) Know your audience, better than they know themselvesJesse Shell Vi skapar artefakter, inte upplevelser53Jon Back - 54. 54 Jon Back - 55. Vit, vit, vit, mjlk Stimuli pverkarsvarpframtida stimuli Perceptuellt, semantiskt, konceptuellt Positiv priming Negativ priming55 Jon Back - 56. 56 Jon Back - 57. 57 Jon Back - 58. 58 Jon Back - 59. 59 Jon Back - 60. Mentalamodeller Mentalarepresentationer Kognitionsvetenskap, psykologim.m. Craik, Nature of explanation ven Piaget60Jon Back - 61. Interna system frattskapafrstelse Frenklafrattfrst Vi ser vraerfarenhetersomkta Landetlajvien61Jon Back - 62. Tnkpandra, taderasknslor Komihg de mentalamodellerna. Detberorpvilkamodeller de har. Empativenfr ting. Kanskevenfrstoryn?62 Jon Back - 63. Frmganatturskiljavadsomrviktigt Flow: Svrighet - Kunskap Csikszentmihalyi63Jon Back - 64. Spelarenlgger till vadsomsaknas Hngerihop med mentalamodeller Mimesis Plato, Aristotel, Averbach, Ricouur, Genette, Wolf Fourth Wall Diderot, Auter& Davis Willing suspension of disbelief Coleridge, Ferri Immersion Murray, Marinelli, Salen& Zimmermann, Boellstorff)64 Jon Back - 65. jon@jonback.se65Jon Back -