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My life in England


<ul><li> 1. Hello my name is BethI am 21 years old and I am an ENGLISH language assistant this year at your school !We are going to speak LOTS and LOTS of English in YOUR classes....</li></ul> <p> 2. I come from EnglandI am from a citycalled Sunderlandwhich is in thenorth east ofEnglandIts very close tothe beach 3. It rains a lot SNOW 4. SeahamBEACHThe Sand is black 5. The family members...Mother (MAM)Father (DAD)Brother..... ETC 6. Does anyone know the Capital ofEngland? The buildings are very big and tall 7. FOODTypical English food?? 8. Battered fishFish n ChipsDELICIOUS!!! Chips Peas Tarter sauce Limon Ketchup Sal Bread 9. Cooked Breakfast Fried eggs Beans Hash browns Sausages Bacon Mushrooms Toast Tomato Brown sauce 10. Roast dinner or Sunday Lunch Mash potato Yorkshire Puddings Beef/ chicken/ Turkey/ Pork/ lamb Carrots Cabbage Green beans Gravy (salsa) Salt / pepperYorkshire puddings are NOT sweet(dulce) They are made of flour and oil 11. TEAI love tea... Idrink it all day 12. What food do you like?e.g.I like fish n chips but I dont like Sunday dinnerI like..... but I dont like..... 13. Can any oneNAME thefour countriesin the UK?? 14. CELEBRITIESDo you know any celebrities / famous people ? Why are they famous? 15. Write a small paragraph about your favourite CelebritySay:WHY they are famous / What they do (job)WHY you like themWhere they are fromWhat films/songs/poems they have done 16. CelebritiesCountries inUK Food Places Weather 17. QUESTIONS ?</p>