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Alias StudioTools Renderings with no post work

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  • 1. MULTI-MEDIA TECHNICAL ARTIST Portfolio 1 - Digital Alias StudioTools No Post Work

2. Cell Phone with display photo projected onto canvas layer 3. Table Lamp Multiple lights to simulate bulb effects 4. Automotive Speaker with virtual grille done with shadersvirtual 5. Still life textures via layered shaders 6. CCS/Michelin Challenge ProjectFall 2007 7. Transportation Design 2017: Smaller. Safer. Better. Project Criteria Part 1 Tire/Wheel/Suspension Design A. Concept to incorporate an innovative tire/wheel interface and at least one component of the suspensionB. Must incorporate a method of making the wheel appear larger, while keeping the same overall tire diameter Part 2 Vehicle Design Theme Smaller. Safer. Better. Design and render, in a medium of choice, the exterior of a vehicle utilizing the above components for the model year 2017 8. Color-keyed side walls can create the illusion of a larger wheel Color- 9. Electric Toothbrush HolderBefore Standard toothbrush holder not designed for electricsAfter Painted rapid prototype after years of use Alias Model designed to fit over original