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  • 1. wwwaltittundeoftwatreinChitfund Accounting Software [iM ]~ Chitfund Software with MLM Software ~ Chit Fund Software with Network Marketing Software ~ Chit Fund Software & Sunflower MLlVi Plan Software ~ Chit_Fund Software & Career Plan MLM Software : E-Mail:info@websoftex. com xx Mobile:09590355556wyilliliilllllllliiiiil ll'! -u!r"'II I-"' -'-'f "I l D "" "' I Hanson. -., . Son me SC! Ul. lOi'I ."L Lut-[I/ ;lo:24-0/A,3rd Cross,Mathikere,Near SBM Bahia] ryqngglore - 5600554-5, Karnataka,India.

2. www. websoftex. com * Single Leg MLM Plan Software* Single Line MLM Plan Software * Tri-Binary MLM Income Plan * Australian Binary MLM income Plan* Daily Binary MLM income Plan * Generation Plan Mlm Software 3. ._J V so.amr lg M l . ..v. - , u_ _ ..i. - I .; ttht.nlWw, ... n"= "-5.35-E M .U i l llat xlf ". K'l; "}' _: .~_l! _l; l91 5 l1tll. il_ltlt it- . .5 'Restaurants St.Lodges Softwarell . - 45. ~.. ~ll. ,' .1J .l-I .9-L. .x. :..l _1,J lo Pl lyl 7 , v. ',, l". ,.35, i , _, , iit% if fill:*"fl~ Online Hotel fiooldrtg SoftwareMobe: +91-9.5223555; R,B k.PH: __080..65465475~ eataurant 00 mg oortware~ Hotel Booking SoftwareM 1 ~ Lodges Booking Software - an: N ' 0 5 Emas. |. .i. ex_Com.HotelB11l1ng uoftwareinfoewebsa-. '"i= ex_in ~ Hotel__l5ool It;_,.3 __. '_ T 16. In [If I Binary MLM PlanI l* Tl'" : l 5' * Daily Binary MLM income Plan E'Ma'| : * Tri-Binary MLM Income Plan Supp0rt@web50fteX' com * Australian Binary MLM income PlanCall:9 590 3 5 5 5 56 * Revolving Matrix MLM income PlanP11: 0 806 5 6 55 * MLM Board Plan Income* MLM Matrix Income PlanWebsoftex Software Solutions Pvt LtdlMLM Gift Income PlanMLM Investment Income Plan MLM Repurchase Income Plan MLM Auto F ill Income Plan MLM Uni-Level income PlanMLM Generation income Plan MLM Sunower Income Plan-)(-***-3(-** MLM Career Income Plan 2% 240/A,3rd Cross,Mathikere,Bangalore -54, Karnataka,India 17. Mp. -// re5faumm~managemenfqoftware. pipson. .. include;Mr. _en_tb2mKL_Ir_nar_ Mobile:+91-9590355556 l: l Billing PH:080 65465475 Cl Receipts D Purchase III Stock Management El Reports I] Customer Or Supplier El Floor & Talile congurationieotawccmt S0: 240/A,Std craaa,Oallala hi,Staga,1atPhaaatlutkara.Baagalara - 54, Karaataka,India. 18. Websoftex Software Solutions Pvt Ltd s. ..l. ..fl. .., lifMdliairel:I9 I l959o3 55556 PH:080 65465475 0 Employee Details (HRM) Employee 0 Appraisal/ Transfer (HRM) 0 Report (HRM and Payroll)0 Employee Recruitment & Training (HRM)l:-an swmosn menit 240/A,am Cross,itlathiitere,Bangalore - 560054, ttarnataiza,India. 19. http= //websoftex. com/;l_|L It/ I Soltvvaie lrlcluclezSlllS IntegrationPre-paid lloucher System Inventory Management system E-Commerce online shopping Integrated Payment Gateways l: ll: ll: ll: ll: lWebsoftex Software Solutions Private Limited I Event management SystemSocial Networking System Integrated Smart Card TechnologyH (:1 91 H itl: l l: lNo:240/A,3rd Cross,Gokula lst,Stage,lst Phase Mathikere,Ban alore - 560054, Karnataka,India. 20. Websoftex Softwarellr.Santhosh Ilumarltttpz/ /cltitfundsoftwarc. in/ " Branch Wise Outstanding Statements.* This Software Can Efficiently Handle Chit Details." These Can Maintain The Chit Taken Details Of Every Individual Customer. * Pfiled Subscfibefl-ist No:240/ A,3rd Cross,lst Phase,Mathikere,Bangalore - 560054, Karnatalta,India. 21. bttpzl/ Websoftex. com/ Scbool-Softwarepbpchool Software Include Employee Details (HRM) Employee Appraisal /Transfer (HRM) Employee Recruitment & Training (HRM) it .y 7 L" ~ i Report (HRM and Payroll) Websoftex Software Solutions Pvt.Ltd.E-Mail:info@websoftex. in , ,No:min,3rd Cross,Gokula 1st, SIngo,1::nun C Mnthlkonangnlon - 560054, llulutnlm,India. 22. . ti .A~ , is $E, ayDEmmmmmmmmmnmmw%i ii ElAppraisal/ Transfer(HRER)f [I Report(HRivi and Payroll)1 El Employee Recruitment & Training (HRM)L_. '.i.I "jgIi?34:. . .n4"., l*pnntorcerWe/950/tcx:E02-twarc E E0/utionsvt LtdMn Santhosh Kuma,l. RtoFaf. tle :+95.-9590355553 TFF. :08tO-233115399#240/A,3rd Cross,maatliiltiere,Baiigalore 560 054.,Si? ia1*11atal: a, India. .. 23. http: //websoftex. com/ bankingsoftware. phpHr.Santhosh Kmnar Bonkim Software Include 5 Membership ManagementB Share Accounting3 Cash TransactionH Operational Accounts B Term DepositsLoans and Advances M".1,:,,9,_.95m3555(,El Standing Instructions P",080 z. . W" it itWebsoftex Software Solution Pvt Ltd 24. Restaurant Management Saitware tram websnilex is best Restaurant Management Snitnare fur Any Restaurant.Hotel.Fond Caurtand SweelSliap.ltianage Users _ p. : p; .i7. lvianage Billing .'1 T . . lt. anage Receipts S p; y. ;m_' , "} iS ' V:1531:, -it . twianage Reports * 3 " _! '"ill .13.Stock Management 7. it _tp. I*: ' . lr'. anage Purchase "= " ."T7 I. .ltianage Accounting.Manage Floors & Table.Etianage Stock Adjustment.Manage Customer Or SupplieWebsoftex Software Solution Pvl 25. Cl Accounts Payable "3"-19i"""""9- El Accounts Receivable 3? : ::'iJ. d El Inter Store Stock Transferweammo D Vendor Mi. "?E2'F! _9"t No:240/A,3rd Cross,Golwla lst,Stage,lst Phase Mathikere,Bangalore - 560054, ltarnataka,India. 26. micraFinance5aFtuare. netLoan Software |Banking Software |RD FD Microtlnance Software |N60 Microfinance ftware|Microfinance Software |Co-Operative Banking Software |Loan Management Software |NBFC Software |Free Microtinance Software|RDMr.SanthosCa":Software |FD Software |RD FD Microfmance+9 I _,5 5 5 Software|Community Banking Software |Community Micronance Software |Microflnance0 PH Software in India |Software Co-OperativeI 3 5Societies |Microfinance | Micronance CompaniesWebsoftex Software Solution Pvt ltd in Bangalore I Nicronanoo Solution I Micronance Service |Micronance DevelopmentNo:240/A,3rd Cross,Gokula 1st,Stage,1st Phase Math1kere,Banoalore - 560054, Karnataka,India. 27. H i F .r. ;4,, i_I. -TrE. . LITl . _y . il TDS Software Include: l TDS Return Form op -- o TDS Return Form 27Q A l pll o TDS Return FormS l o TDS Return Form ZTEQ o TDS Return Form llil o TDS Return Form 16531Websoftex SoftwareSolutions Private Limited.l 3 ,; o TDS Return FormNo:Zllllltlt,3rd Cross,Goltulo 1st,Stage,1stPhose lillothikere,Bangalore - 56l]l]5ll-,liornotako,India. 28. t1': ':go: /lwetbsoiltert. cornI: Ea'eigE:1'troa'c'ie. armanagemee1'trso: twaa'e. eaia; Ca:+9l959355556 " A i-ii' Sant. ".ost..'(u; '.; ai' PR 080 23375399 . _.,' '7 .-|l '-llalFll ' l*"T"r-ll . . MW W,tr tn.,, .- .li ,I I.of;ix!i-g"v: hr1 f I.J )3 F '5Freight Order Management Software |Logistic Order Management Software |Logistic Management |Supply Chain Managementi~! o:.24.0/A,i3rdiCross, iGokula 1st, S'rage,1st Phase lviathikere,Bangalore - 560054, Karnataka,India. 29. h :hr-a ollsoftwar A .Mr.Santhosh Kurnor Call :9590355556Hr Software|Payroll Software|Attendance Software|Free Hr Software|Payroll Software F P Software lndia|Free Salary Software | ndia|HLeave and Attendance Manaement SoftwareSoftware For PF Income Tax marge;sgrmggg Solution Ext LtdlNo:401 3r ro Gokul lst Sta e lst Phase 30. ai| :- sa| es@chitfundsoftware. in*chitfundsofl: ware@gmai| .com Mobile:+91-9590355556 i PH:080-23375399,___ 5. _ -_%l " !.N'0 v | ;' ... . -I J. " {inChit Fund Software |ChitHanagemnt oftware|Online Chit Fund Management Software11I I l '1Websoftex Software Solution Pvt.Ltd is a software company,extending its services in Website Designing & Development,Custom Software Development and Mobile. Websoftex Software Solutions Pvt.Ltd.#2-l0IA,3rd Cross,Gokula,Mathikere,Bangalore - 560 054, Karnataka,India. 31. ' / ~ _,I , ,.~. ,.. _ , ' Software Solution Pvt. .Ltd. www. websoftex. com'i". "i't~'-. . U L"L4. -;, l-iuZ,0I- . l_ 'l"E" I"-'! .. I'~"lfjH{MLM Software CRM SoftwareHR 8:.Payroll Software Career Plan SoftwareTDS Software Custom SoftwareMLCV0 F, l.'Cf. ._CE3 50.ft. W_'r_e 53_C0_LlU. 'DJt. .Qft_lf*@VeEPP S_o_ftw_are Print Order Management Software Chit Fund Software Co-Operative Banking Software RD FD Software MnobilespplicationGeneration Plan Software Bar, p:mg Softwareml.Santhosh Kumar ,r :Adressi No:240/A,3rd Cross. GokuIa 1st,Stage,lst Phase.3-; ..'*"""1""""m""" : '"'i Mathikere. BangaIore- 560054, Karnataka,India.' .: * V :1:uIn: i. Support:support@websoftex. in= * -m: ,I>:lnii-@-*. 'rt; Ibs. -uliitaz-. .1I 32. Websoftex Software Solutions Pvt.Ltdhttp: //websoftextds. com/http: //websoftex. com/ Santhosh Kumar http: // http: //microfinancesoftware. net/ Call:9590355556 e/ /Websfterg/ Websoftex Software Solution Pvt.Ltd is a software company,extending its services in Website Designing 85 Development, Mobile No:+91-9886461360 or 9590355556 Phone No:+91-080-65465475 Mr,Santhosh Kumar E-Mai1:- info@websoftex. in#240] A,3rd Cross,Gokula 1st,Stage,1st Phase Mathikere Bangalore - 560 054 33. ll 4!li' I 1 I 5 of 03:if ,h I .-: lii, it I Microfinance Software: : . :77 Websoftex Software Solutions Private Limited,a '{ Bangalore based Company,an authorized software ,3f _ g service provider engaged in Microfinance ; t2'g:5 g' ,Software,RD & FD Software,Loan Software and pf i Community Banking Software Development with if ' maximum level protection.we take pride in E.,,W .2 rendering good and protective services tosmall- medium Microfinance Institutions and other sector for more than 5 years. ll-. 'i: .-liisoftex Software fsolutions Pvt.Ltd.#240lA,3rd Cross,Gokula,1st Phase Mathikere,Bangalore - 560 054, Karnataka,India. 34. tt:ireb3ufteI. i:um athulu -lab-mana einent-sufhrare.h s53n35555a 3. Dan 23315399 | 1r-Eanth: -Sh Kumar_ Pathology:Lab Management Softwareh . ...http:gzwebso ftex.comI] Lab Software I I] Lab Management Softwar I] Pathology Lab Software I "I] Pathology Lab Management Software I I] Pathology Lab Software BangaloreNo:245?/ A, 3rd Cross,Gokula I at,Stage,I at Phase Mathikere,Bangalore - 550.054, Karnataka,India. 35. Mobile No: +91-9590355556 NI;oso-23375399 No:2401A 3rd cross Gokula 1s