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Lighting for the home as come a long way from old Incandescent Light Bulbs that take forever to reach full brightness. Lights On Lights Off sell a full range of LED and CFL Lighting to help reduce electricity consumption and cost, as well as enhancing your home. This Slideshow provides you with more information on the effectiveness of LED Lighting. Please visit hhtp:// for fantastic deals on Bulbs and a wide variety of Lights!

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  • LED LIGHTING Long lasting lighting The life span of an LED light is 11 years if it is in full operation, so over 20 years if it isnt in continuous use, far exceeding standard light bulbs Whilst an LED light bulb cost more to purchase, their lifespan means that they are more cost effective than standard light bulbs
  • LED LIGHTING Energy Efficient Lighting An LED light bulb uses between 2 and 17 watts of electricity, compared with a minimum of 25 watts for a standard light bulb With electricity bills continuing to rise, reducing energy consumption is beneficial to your bank balance, as well as the environment
  • LED LIGHTING Improvements to LED Lighting The size of LED light bulbs have been standardised, so they are no suitable for any light fitting LED lighting now produces instant full light as soon as they are switched on As LED light bulbs do not have a filament and are encased in plastic rather than glass, they are much less fragile than standard light bulbs
  • LED LIGHTING LED Lighting For a full range of interior and exterior LED lighting solutions visit our specialist lighting website and discover an extensive range of styles and colours from branded lighting companies