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PowerPoint Presentation

Designing for screenBy Matthew Tweddle & David Eccles

Do introductions1What we doWhat we dont do

Why are we here

To introduce you to Numiko

To dismiss the myths surrounding digital design

Explain why studios like us need designers like youCommon perceptions of digital design

Too many limitations

Designers need to be able to code

Designing websites all the time must get boring

Web designers lack an understanding of design principles

You need to move to London to work on high profile projects

We believe all of these are wrong.

Lewis Hamilton

Spirit of 45


Primary Art

Primary Geography

We believe

The limitations are disappearingAdv. web typography/font replacement, front end technologies/browsers, connections speeds, new exciting challenges

Our industry has maturedWe take design seriously

You dont need to be able to codeWhy we want graphic designers

Typography is king online, just as it is offlineInfinite combinations of screen sizes, varying resolutions and browsers

A knowledge and understanding of brand designTo bring to life on screen through movement and interaction

Unique layouts and conceptsEndless possibilities, responsive design



Infographics and visualisationsThank you,Any questions?