Latvian National Library

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  • 1. Client State Agency New Tree BrothersArchitect of designGunnar BirkertsArchitect of recordArhitektu birojs Gelzis-Smits-ArhetipsArchitectRDS Arhitekti Project Manager Hill InternacionalACGCost Consultants-Pre-design estimates Project costApprox. 250 million USDType of facility Library Latvian National Library Area 46 000 sq.mStageTechnical design

2. Client The Museum of the Occupation of LatviaArchitect of designGunnar BirkertsArchitect of recordRDS Arhitekti Project cost3 million EUR ServicesArchitecture and engineering The Museum of theType of facility Museum and auxiliary premisesArea 2400 sq.m Occupation of Latvia StageSchematicdesign 3. ClientViesncaLatvijaAS Architect SIA ArchitravsServices Project and design management Reval Hotel Latvia Type of facility SPA center and office facilities Area4 620 sq. m floor areaSPA center Stage Technical design 4. ClientZalais NamsArchitectRDS ArhitektiBuilderVelveType of facility Residential/Commercial Residential - comercial facilityArea17500 sq.mService provided Arhitecture and engineeringat Marstalu street 17Stage Construction 5. Bruninieku varti Client Residential - comercial facilityRDS Arhitekti Architect Residental/CommercialType of facilityat Bruninieku street 115 Architecture and concept strategiesServices 6. Gertrudes maja Client Residential - comercial facilityRDS Arhitekti Architect Residental/CommercialType of facilityat Gertrudes street 121Architecture and concept strategiesServices 7. ClientInvestaArchitectRDS Arhitekti ACG Architecture and engineering services Project cost2.5 million USD Residential - comercial facility Type of facility Multi - functional facility Area2100 sq.mat Valnu street 4Stage Construction 8. ClientHotels Europa Group SupervisorRDS ArhitektiServices Technical supervisionType of facility Hotel Type of project Reconstruction Hotel Europe Royale Year completed2006 9. Client Europa Group ArchitectArhitekta J.Pogas birojs Supervisor RDS Arhitekti BuilderRe&ReType of project Reconstruction Benjamia nams Year2006 10. ClientSelvaag LatviaConsultantRDS Arhitekti Services Project management and supervision Type of facility Residental facilityResidentalType of project Reconstruction at Dzelzavas street 74Year 2006 11. Client Linstow ASA ArchitectSIA Sarma & Norde ACGConsultingarhitectsand engineers Project cost 24 million USD Type of facility Hotel rooms and commercial space(restaurant, sports facility)Area27 000 sq. m floor area (27 floors) Reval Hotel Latvia Year completed2001 12. ClientVAS Valsts Nekustamie IpasumiArchitect RDS ArhitektiMuseums archive and depository, Type of facilityrestoration and office facilities Area 28 000 sq. m State Museums ArchiveSchematic design completedStage 13. Industrialais Terminals Client ACGArchitect A/S Kalnozols CeltniecbaBuilder Project manager and concept design Services 1.7 million USD Project cost Design BuildDelivery method Warehouse and office spaceType of facility 4 930 sq.m (warehouse) andArea Narvesen Distribution Center556 sq.m (office) 2004Year completed 14. Investa Source, tenant: Bank ServiceClientSIA Sarma & NordeArchitectRDS ArhitektiInterior ArchitectSIA VelveBuilderProject and design managmentACGResidential and office space Type of facilityZalais nams 6400 sg.mArea4.2 million USDProject cost at Dzirnavu 37 2002Year completed 15. ClientSIA Reaton ArchitectSIA ArhisBuilder SIA PBLC (Phase II),A/S Kalnozols Celtnieciba (Phase I) Project managerACGProject cost5 million USDmc 2 Type of facility Business and trading center Commercial Center Area 13 000 sq. mYear completed2003 16. Client French Embassy in LatviaDesign Arhitect Adam YedidArchitect of record ACG Type of facility Social type facility and office spaceArea760 sq.m French Cultural Center Year completed2003 17. ClientCanadian Embassy Arhitect SIA Arhis BuilderTSIA Re&Re ACG role Project management Type of facility Embassy Canadian Embassy Date completedAugust, 2003 18. ClientSIA Investa Source ArchitectSIA Rigers BuilderSIA Kalnozols CeltniecibaACG Project and Design management,Consulting Architects Project cost 5.7 million USDDelivery method Design Build Type of facility Underground parking garage andcommercial space Jacobs Arcade -EuroparkArea 8 097 sq.m Year completed 2001 19. Client Inter Source international INc.Architect Sia Sarma & Norde BuilderSIA Velve ACGConstruction management Project cost 5.5 million USDDelivery method Design Build Type of facility Multi - functional facility (residential,office and commercial speace) Jacobs Barracks Area8 400 sq.mYear completed1997 20. ClientRiga Graduate School of Law ArhitectSIA Sarma & Norde Builder SIA Velve ACG Employers Representative and Supervising Engineer Project cost8.3 million USD Riga GraduateType of facility Educational facility and office spaceArea 4 500 sq.m School of Law Year completed2001 21. ClientSIA ViesncaRidzene Architect ACG with KUBS SIABuilderSIA VelveServiceDesign consulting and project management during construction Project cost7.5 million USD, furniture and equipment: 2.5 million USD Park Hotel Ridzene Type of facility Hotelreconstruction Area7 200 sq.mService provided August 1999 Stage 22. ClientThe Royal Netherlans EmbassyArhitect SIA Sarma & Norde Builder SIA VelveACG role Constructio and Project managementType of facility Office spaceArea 500 sq.m The Royal Netherlands Embassy Year completedOctober, 1997 23. Larry and Deborah Stout ClientRDS ArhitektiArchitectGIVA BuilderArchitecture design, engineering ACGand supervision55, 000 USDProject cost Private residenceDesign, tender and construction Delivery methodPrivate residence Type of facility at Lielvardes 35 2002Year completed 24. InterSource International ClientArchitectSIA Sarma & Norde SIA VelveBuilder ACGProject and Design Managementduring capital renovation Project cost 500 000 USD Maza Jaunavu 8 Delivery methodLump sum Office spaceType of facility Offices 700 sq. mArea Year completed1998 25. Peteris Kalnins ClientRDS ArhitektiArchitect Delivery methodArchitecture design, engineering Private residenceand supervisionConstructionStage Puksi Private residence Type of facility 26. Eslingena ClientResidental - commercialRDS Arhitekti Architect Residental/CommercialType of facility facility at Sadovnikova str.Arhitecture and concept strategiesServices 27. Soros Foundation LatviaClientA rchitectACG Services Interior design services Soros FoundationType of facility Office space Area 1 200 sq. moffices in Riga 2001Year completed 28. ClientPrivate investors Urban Planning / Commercial ArchitectRDS Arhitekti Type of facility Urban planning/Commercial development proposal ServicesArchitecture and concept strategies 29. SIA Celsius PropertiesClient Restoration Architect,ACG Facade restorationProject management and supervisionType of projectFacade restoration Valdemara 192002Year completed