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  • Articles from Ian Rosenberg Jewellery Collections Jewellery Materials 2013-02-25 11:02:19 admin Platinum Widely considered to be the most prest igious of all the precious metals, Plat inum is, without a doubt , one of the most impressive metals sourced for use in Ian Rosenberg Jewellers highly sought af ter bespoke jewellery service. It s intense shine, f lawless f inish and high durabilit y make plat inum, not only an impressive material for custom made pieces, but also one of the st rongest and dense metals ensuring a bespoke piece with the power to endure over the years. The complex process of plat inum ore ext ract also makes this material highly desirable for clients wishing to commission something special, and proves t ime and again to be the most popular opt ion for wedding and engagement bands. Gold Available at Rosenbergâs in varying densit ies, our yellow, red, and white gold is a qualit y assured t imeless classic. Perfect for t radit ional wedding rings for both the bride and groom, our 18 carat gold piece gives you a deeper, richer golden glow. With it s easy workabilit y, Ian Rosenberg Jewellers can also achieve a wide variety of sizes and designs to suit the client . Our 14 carat and 9 carat gold pieces are also ext remely popular, boast ing greater durabilit y on account of their higher alloy content , each polished to perfect ion for elegance and shine. Slight ly lighter in colour, 14 carat and 9 carat gold pieces are ideal for clients looking for a subt ler gold tone to their jewellery. Silver Rosenbergâs skilled silversmiths are proud to of fer a range of high end sterling and value silver for jewellery, t imepieces and dinner service. Of fering gold-plated, f ine silver, pure silver and sterling, Ian Rosenberg Jewellers are sure to have the right piece for you at an af fordable price. Diamonds Ian Rosenberg Cert if icat ion promises value, ident it y and grade. Our Diamond Cert if icates ensure all clients are fully informed about the qualit y of their diamond. Size, source, clarit y and price are all indicated on our qualit y assured documentat ion, including qualit y cont rolled expert diamond cut t ing standards to ensure brilliance and light dispersion. Whether you prefer Brilliant , Princess,
  • Radiant , Pear, T rillion, Heart or Marquise, all our diamonds are cut specif ically according to your taste, and with a large variety of size and cuts to choose f rom, clients are sure to f ind something that catches their eye. Precious Stones Our Emeralds, Sapphires, Rubies, and Tanzanite are a perfect addit ion to any bespoke design and ref lect a personal touch of the wearer. Our precious stones are sourced f rom only the most reputable dealers and carved to perfect ion for your one-of f piece. Semi-Precious Stones Amethyst , Garnet , Blue Topaz, Peridot , and Aquamarines are just a select ion of the semi-precious stones available at Ian Rosenberg Jewellers, where all stones are t reated with the utmost respect , care and personal at tent ion to your bespoke design. Articles from Ian Rosenberg Jewellery Collections Jewellery Materials


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