Inclusion and emotion in wearable technology design SxSW Interactive 2015

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SxSW interactive2015Inclusion and emotion in wearable technology designAlastair SomervilleSxSW 2015@acuity_designSxSW 2015#SensoryUXSxSW 2015Accessibility & sensory cognitionSxSW 20157

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SxSW 201510

SxSW 2015Never confuse being an expert with being a userSxSW 201512

SxSW 2015Post screen interaction Multimodal design WearablesSxSW 2015Making more of ourselves

sensoryux.comSxSW 201515

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SxSW 2015Difficult to design for others if you dont challenge your assumptions about yourselfSxSW 201519

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SxSW 2015Results

IdeasSxSW 2015Inclusion

EmotionSxSW 2015Inclusion is essential to future designSxSW 2015Emotion is essential to future engineeringSxSW 2015Douglas AdamsSxSW 2015TotalPerspectiveVortexSxSW 2015YOU are smallSxSW 2015You are PRECIOUS SxSW 2015Starting with some bits of neuroscienceSxSW 2015WARNINGNeuroscience is not certain but it is useful to frame discussionsSxSW 2015Your brain helps you in many waysSxSW 2015Protects your sense of selfSxSW 2015Enables social connectionSxSW 2015SxSW 2015SxSW 2015ExclusionSxSW 2015InclusionSxSW 2015SxSW 2015Still excludedSxSW 2015The Other remainsFracturesSxSW 2015SxSW 2015We all change to create inclusionSxSW 2015SxSW 2015We are great when we shareSxSW 2015NetworksSxSW 2015SxSW 2015SxSW 2015SxSW 2015SxSW 2015SxSW 2015SxSW 2015Assistive technology SxSW 2015The future existsSxSW 2015People with disabilities experience itSxSW 2015New ways of being socialSxSW 2015New ways of being presentSxSW 2015Being socialSxSW 2015BrainportSxSW 2015SxSW 2015

Lorm GloveSxSW 2015SxSW 2015

V.E.S.T.SxSW 2015SxSW 2015

Bit of neuroscienceSxSW 2015NeuroplasticitySxSW 2015Being presentSxSW 2015MindfulnessSxSW 2015US ArmySxSW 2015Bit more neuroscienceSxSW 2015NeuroergonomicsSxSW 2015AttentionSxSW 2015Misdirected attentionSxSW 201576

SxSW 2015Misdirected attentionSxSW 2015HappinessSxSW 2015Happiness By Design Paul DolanSxSW 2015Positive emotion and purpose over timeSxSW 2015EmotionSxSW 20152 more bits of neuroscienceSxSW 2015Behavioural DesignSxSW 2015SxSW 2015Passive aggressive reaction to Focus GroupsSxSW 2015NeuroplasticitySxSW 2015A neuroplastic modelSxSW 2015Decision to change Necessary but not sufficient MindfulnesspracticeSensory practiceNecessary but not sufficient Emotional desire to changeKey gateway for successA model for Neuroplastic changeTIMEA sensory/emotional modelSxSW 2015ImaginationAttentionSensorSeekerPleasureArousalAvoidBystanderDispleasureNon arousalDon't put baby in a cornerSxSW 2015Perceivable SpaceSxSW 2015Intelligible SpaceSxSW 2015SpaceSxSW 2015SxSW 2015SxSW 2015Positive spaceSxSW 2015SxSW 2015

SxSW 2015

Purposeful spaceSxSW 2015Shared spaceSxSW 2015

SxSW 2015

SxSW 2015Peripersonal spaceSxSW 2015SxSW 2015SxSW 2015What can you do?SxSW 2015Inclusion is essential to innovationSxSW 2015Involve more people from more places, all the timeSxSW 2015Understand capacities and life skillsSxSW 2015Design for social connections SxSW 2015SxSW 2015SxSW 2015We are greatSxSW 2015Emotion is essential to engineeringSxSW 2015Create with human feelingSxSW 2015Test with human feelingSxSW 2015Empathy is hard

Emotion is strongSxSW 2015Share with human feelingSxSW 2015Thank YouSxSW 2015Q & ASxSW 2015