How To Take GOOD Photos! 4 Easy Steps To Photography Brilliance!

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Check Out The Presentation LiVE Here! Ladies, Gentlemen,Children, Babies...............It's Here!! How To Take Good Photos! Starring Bear! Bear will teach you how to take better photos in just 4 EASY steps! I- Recognize Beauty. It's all around you. Look Closer. II- Know The Settings. They're quite simple. Use them correctly and your photos look SO much better! III- No Dead Space. Empty space all over the photo makes it boring. Having a close and tight photo enhances the quality! IV- Be Creative. There are a million and one ways you can take a photograph and with your creativity you can make something fresh, innovative and inspiring. Try new/crazy stuff out. Oh and NO SELFIES! Selfies are for people who don't feel good about themselves. How To Take Good Photos! Bear will teach you how! Made on Apple Keynote! You Will Learn How To.... ChristopherBear Presentation Services


1. NoT ReaLLy YeS! YeS! YeS! YeS! 2. SPoRTS CLoSe-uPNiGHT TiMe PeoPLe 3. Too MuCH! NiCe! 4. SiDeWayS! NeW aNGLeS! SiNGLe CoLoR! No SeLFieS! JuMPiNG!