How to develop effective business logo design ideas

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How To Develop Effective Business Logo Design Ideas

How To Develop Effective Business Logo Design Ideas

Your logo must clearly represent everything about your company or business.

You should not create a logo just for the sake of having one.

You need a logo that can communicate with your target audience or clients.

An effective logo can help you secure the loyalty of your customers, create a brand identity, and gives professional look to your business.

Simple logos that use few colours are more effective than logos that have elaborate designs and lots of colours.

Just take a look at McDonald and Nike logo.

Simple yet very effective.

Seeing a McDonalds logo out of blue induces cravings for some burgers and fries from the said establishment.

Sadly, many companies skimp on developing their business logo design ideas and refuse to hire a logo designer.

Hiring a logo designer does not mean you can leave everything to your designer to thinker about and just wait for the finished design for your approval.

You need to determine the kind of message that you wish to convey to your target clients through your logo.

Your designer wont be able to guess what you want your audience to know unless you explicitly tell him/her about such things.

Here are the things that you need to know and consider in designing an effective logo before letting your designer etch the details that you want.

Determine the Most Ideal Type of Logo for your Business.


There are three basic types of logo.Font-basedIllustrativeAbstract graphic symbols

Font-based Logo uses type treatments with a bit of twist to provide a distinctive look for the logo.

Illustrative Logo gives a clear picture of what you company does.

Abstract Graphic Symbols are symbols that are unique to a particular company.

Start Developing your Business Logo Design Ideas


You must first determine the message that you wish to impart to your target clients or audience through your logo.

Do you want to convey a lighthearted message or a more serious one?

Your logo must be able to depict the uniqueness of your company

Study the logos of other establishments in the same industry.

Analyze the kind of images that your competitors use.

Think about how you can make your logo better than that of your competitors.

Learn from their mistakes and make your logo standout.

Your business name and logo must go hand in hand.

Your logo must be distinctive, memorable, and easy to reproduce.

Icons for instance, are better choice than photos.

Photographs are indecipherable once you reduce or enlarge them.

It is also crucial to create a logo that will still look good in black and white.

Never use clip art in developing your business logo design ideas no matter how tempting it may be.

You must create a logo that is easy to reproduce, but difficult to copy.

Go for logo designs that create timeless appeal.

Choosing Effective Colours3

It is crucial to choose only a few colours for your logo. You need to make your clients associate the colours to your business whenever they see such colours.

It is also less costly if you have limited colours.

A six-colour logo may seem gorgeous, but once you put your logo on a letterhead or stationery, the price can get ugly.

The more colours you have, the more expensive the printing cost gets.

Limit the number of colours to three to create lasting impact and less expensive stationery.

Hire a Logo Designer


After brainstorming your business logo design ideas, it is time to hire a logo designer to bring your logo to life.

Professional designers usually charge between $4,000 and $15,000.

However, there are freelance designers that charge between $15 and $150 per hour.

Dont just hire any designer who offers a bargain price.

Always incorporate your brand message to your target audience in your logo design.

Thank You!

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