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  2. 2. SCOPE OF ACTIVITIES Developing creative concepts for media campaigns, marketing and sales promotion projects in cooperation with a copywriter Art Direction and Graphic Design Developing corporate identity concepts, brand identities Packaging design and labeling Developing website concept, website artwork and interactive advertising in cooperation with web-designers SUMMARY OF STRENGTHS Illustrations and comics for various projects Over 7 years successful experience in Graphic Design Developing and producing layouts in both the print and and Art Direction TV/cinema commercials, including storyboards Proven track record in prioritizing media concepts, Preparing the final artwork for print ads, billboards, POPs, illustration, layout, digital processing and final artworks and a wide range of collateral materials Exceptional organization and communication skills Complete supervision of photo shoot sessions Enthusiastic, committed, resourceful, service orientated Briefing of print producers, print production companies, Used to work under pressure, meeting deadlinesand supervision of all production stages
  3. 3. Clients include: Siemens Mobile (Mobile Phones) Siemens Transportation (Transportation Systems) Microsoft Windows Mobile (Software) Scubapro (Diving Gear) Titan Corporation(Satellite Equipment) Cocoon Studio(Interior Design) Canum Entertainment(Entertainment Broker) Hoist(Fitness Equipment) Skyworks (Mobile Networks) EMPLOYMENT HISTORY Miltons (Food Products) June 2002 - present Art Director SulicWorldwide 1110 Torrey Pines Road, Suite I, LaJolla, CA 92037
  4. 4. Clients include: Guinness (Guinness Irish Stout) Kilkenny Irish Beer(Sub-brand of Guinness) Harp Lager (Sub-brand of Guinness) Cashels Cider (Sub-brand of Guinness) Coelner Hofbraeu Frueh (Frueh Koelsch Beer) Koelner Bank (Cologne Local Bank) Osram(Lighting Products) Norman Icking(Fashion Designer) Alpine (Car Entertainment) EMPLOYMENT HISTORY Nokia(Mobile Phones) April 1999 - December 2001 Reemtsma (West Cigarettes) Junior Art Director Express(Cologne Local Newspaper) Frhling Advertising Agency Benrather Street 11, Contrast (Media Planning Company) 40213 Dsseldorf, Germany Megaposter (Blow Up Posters) Perfect Office (3D Planning Software) Award: 2x GRAPHIS Advertising Annual 2002 Sopexa (French Food Products) Citizen(Watches)
  5. 5. Clients include: Spies Hecker (Car Repair Paints) Stora-Enso Feinpapiere (Labeling Papers) Cologne/Bonn Airport (International Airport) Communication Belt (Advertising Space Company) Toenissteiner(Sparkling Water) Express(Local Newspaper) Center Parcs (Family Holiday Parks) FTI Touristik(Travel Business)EMPLOYMENT HISTORYAugust 1997 - March 1999 Graphic Designer Intevi Advertising Agency Hohenzollernring 2-10, 50672 Cologne, Germany
  6. 6. EDUCATION & TRAINING:June 1991 Abitur (comparable to US Associates Degree) Emil-Fischer-Gymnasium Euskirchen GermanyAugust 1992 - July 1994 Training and Certification as Visual Merchandiser Boecker Inc., Frechen Germany Chamber of Commerce Cologne GermanyDecember 1996 Associates Degree in Communication Tertia Academy for Advertising & Communication, Bonn GermanyJuly 1997 Certification as Graphic Designer Higher Vocational Training School, Rheinbach Germany
  7. 7. SOFTWARE SKILLS:Adobe Photoshop CS Adobe ImageReady CS Adobe Illustrator CS Adobe InDesign CS Adobe Acrobat 6 Macromedia Freehand 10 Quark Xpress 6 Microsoft Office X Growing knowledge of: Adobe AfterEffects 6.5 Macromedia Flash MX Macromedia Dreamweaver MX More than 9 years of experience in Mac OS and all peripheral software
  8. 8. This is a small representation of print advertising. To see more visit my homepage at www.harry-decker.comClient:Guinness Irish StoutHeadline: Real desire is ruthless.Claim:You are what you drink.
  9. 9. Client:Citizen Watches Headline: This would suit you well. Citizen Design.
  10. 10. Client: Frueh Koelsch Beer Headline: Honorary chairman of the cutlery drawer.
  11. 11. Client: Siemens Mobile SL56 Promotion
  12. 12. Client:Center Parcs Headline: New playmates for your kids! Claim:Where the world looks different.
  13. 13. Client: Guinness Irish Stout Halloween Promotion
  14. 14. Client: Kilkenny Irish Beer Headline: Red goes deeper.
  15. 15. Client: Megaposter Headline: Only 1% of youthfulness a megaposter eradiates.
  16. 16. Client: Norman Icking Fashion Headline: Nothing to wear ?
  17. 17. Client: Froehling Advertising Headline: Copywriter wanted. (Awarded in Graphis Advertising Annual 2002)
  18. 18. Client: ScubaPro Copy: I am leaving the hustle and bustle to submit to a deep beauty. To know infinite silence is to know peace. I am born again. Claim:Deep down you want the best.
  19. 19. Client:Guinness Irish Stout Headline: Color your thirst.
  20. 20. Client:Koelner Bank Headline: Bulls doing housecalls. Your online broker is here.(Awarded in Graphis Advertising Annual 2002)
  21. 21. Client: Express Newspaper Headline: What happens behind drawn curtains. Sex in Cologne. Claim:Worth every issue!
  22. 22. Client:Toenissteiner Water Headline: Reportedly, our competitors are very deep in this one.
  23. 23. Client: Spies Hecker Finishes Headline: Some repairs you see. Others you dont.
  24. 24. Client:French Bread & Cheese Headline: Allez, hop! Claim:Love at first bite.
  25. 25. Client:Saxony Tourist Board Headline: Aircraft noise in Saxony.
  26. 26. er Harry Deck r Art Directo lid Avenue 4502 Euc 92115, California San Diego 74 2627p 619 5 94 0304c 619 8om-decker.c e me@harry com y-decker. www.harr