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Great Presentations have features that resemble great ads. It's all one big package that hit hard and strong! FREE Download with a tweet:


<ul><li> GreatPresentationsare like Ads </li> <li> There in are Rs 3 n Advert isi g </li> <li> These can beApplied toPresentations too. </li> <li> 1 REACTION Grab Their Attention </li> <li> Ads are BriefJust enough to coverwhats important. </li> <li> Much like The Creative Brief:how Preso Slides should be </li> <li> But they stillIntrigue&amp; Interest. </li> <li> Ads are glan ce media. </li> <li> Applies to Slides too. Keep it simple. </li> <li> A Visual should conveythe message in: 3 Seconds </li> <li> It should also:InjectDramato capture attention </li> <li> Thats whereImages &amp; Typecome in a </li> <li> Ad/Slide Type Image Impact </li> <li> 2 RELEVANT Knowing the Audience </li> <li> Advertsusually target a specic group&amp; their needs. um ! Y </li> <li> To find yourHookFirst, understand the fish. Y uck! </li> <li> Choose yourOne KeyMessageto bring across </li> <li> Build EmotionalConnectionthrough human stories </li> <li> Nothing helps consumersfeel connected to an ad or presentationlike a Good Laugh&amp; tugging at theHeart Strings- Nielsen Research </li> <li> 3 RESPONSE Make Things Happen </li> <li> Aim toInfluencetheir behavior </li> <li> Change their attitudes </li> <li> What do you want them to:Think </li> <li> What do you want them to:Think Act </li> <li> What do you want them to:Think Act Feel </li> <li> Adverts Presos React Cover Slide Relate ContentRespond Call to Action </li> <li> Adverts Presos React Cover Slide Relate ContentRespond Call to Action Dont forget this! </li> <li> Let us help youSizzle up your next preso Like this pair of nice briefs </li> <li> Drop us a Message! @slidecomet </li> <li> Thats It! Thanks for Viewing!Heres Some Credits Some symbols from the Noun Project Inspirations: Ethos3 Emiland De Cubber Nancy Duarte Finding Nemo Burger King </li> <li> Click the Fish Click m e!To Download Deck </li> </ul>