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<p> 1. Final Questionnaire - Poster 2. Qu1 All voters agreedthat a whitebackground wouldwork best on ourposter. This is aconfirmed decisionsupported by ourtarget audience. 3. Qu2 Our audience think that aWhite, pink and greencolour scheme wouldwork best, but sincecarrying out our finalresearch into colourmeanings we are unsurewhether this decision iswise. We are taking thisthought intoconsideration andawaiting on our decisionfor the moment. 4. Qu3 We disagree with this choice by ourvoters. Since researching existingproducts it is most common for postersto have one image. We think this wouldbe most effective therefore we aregoing to stick to just the one centralimage on our poster based on theresults of our focus group, in which ouraudience members told us that the oneimage would be more striking. We canapply theoretical understanding here aswe believe this due to the youngertherefore fox thinker audience we aretargeting. The basic info we show onthe poster will be due to not wanting todefer this fox thinker audience byoverloading them with informationmore prone to be shown on a postertargeting the hedgehog thinkers. 5. Qu4 We agree with ourvoters on this decisionhowever we are yet toknow how we will in-cooperatethis into ourposter. This is aconfirmed decision toinclude iconography ofsome sort into ourposter. 6. Qu4 Our voters agree withour initial thoughts onthis idea, to use oursource as our postermodel in order to makeour band cohesivetherefore recognisableto our audience. Thisidea is obviously aneffective one with ouraudience as 60% ofvotes are in favour ofthis. 7. Qu5 Surprisingly our audience votes for usto stick to the rule of thirds andalthough this being a convention ofposters we have recently learnt thatvery few documentary posters followthis rule. It is common fordocumentary posters to display text atthe top/bottom centre of the page,we believe this to be due todocumentary posters being verysimplistic and empty in order to notglamourize serious issues. We havedecided to stick to a very basic layoutof one image and have concluded thatwe will abide our text layout with therule of thirds. </p>