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  • Question: about design inspiration, your signature wrap design your

    own dress, perfume, home, these countless design inspiration come


    Diane von Furstenberg: I design for a woman I aspire to exist, I always

    hoped I would become a certain kind of people, and now I do, even

    though my age is growing, but that I aspire to become image, but

    deep-rooted, not changed. I often think of those womens lives just

    starting out, they began to develop a business, family, full of vigor and

    vitality. I continue to learn, absorb nutrients, my New Years resolutions

    is to start learning Chinese! I have a Chinese name, although only

    transliteration, but I love it.

  • strapless-sophisticated-lace-and-tulle-a-line-custom-wedding-dress

  • Question: Your design is very interesting, such as a very complex

    printing with the most simple cut, you personally like a color dresses,

    with a large number of bracelets, rings, they almost fill the entire hand?

    Diane von Furstenberg: This is the concept of a yin and yang, I put both

    simple and complex as the Yin and Yang, which is a balance my

    personal very interested in Eastern philosophy! For example, you throw

    a stone, it will float to the surface ripples on the lake, the original order

    was disrupted, which can be considered a surprise, I love full of


    Question: You love charity, like to help others, in reading your

    autobiography, I often feel a kind of missionary spirit, about love,

    aboutdesign your own wedding dress, you seem to have lots of punch.

    Diane von Furstenberg: I love women, sometimes, I feel that my lifes

    mission is to allow women to become more powerful, not external, but

    from the strong heart. So I joined Vital Voices (Vital Voices, American

    charitable organizations), and of course I am also concerned about

    education and children, they are always the focus of my attention.

    Question: Contemporary Women, how do you like that become a

    legend for Women?

  • Diane von Furstenberg: I think the fact that all women are the same, it is

    important to understand your potential, where, of course, need

    a Strapless Sophisticated Lace and Tulle A-line Custom Wedding

    Dress. Moreover, with age, must be very good in one area, so you will

    become a legend, such as making a cake, if everyone knows you do the

    cake is the best, then you are a legend. This no one can help you, you

    have to explore yourself, go to work! When I encountered major

    problems, I likewise perplexed, in my twenties and thirties, when life is

    always ups and downs, this is a normal phenomenon, insecurity is

    always there, you need to do is accept the status quo, and to overcome

    them. Do not go around you envy the girl, you know, they also envy

    you at all times you have the right to choose, it is very lucky! You can

    go to choose the life you want, and nothing more.