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<ul><li> 1. The Power of RelevanceIts Time to Get PersonalAhmed Gamal-EldienNorth Africa and Jordan Head of SalesDigital Marketing Arts conference and workshop, Cairo, on 10 Sep. 2012 1</li></ul> <p> 2. Yahoo! INC10.6 million visitors from85% of the users visiting the Egypt portal dailyRanked #1 in MENA inReaching 65% of MENAs Entertainment, Women and Sports online population and #2 in NewsYahoo! Presentation, Confidential29/13/2012 3. Evolution of Targeting on the InternetEarly daysReality for yearsTodayWe have so much data weLots of data, lots ofGetting very close to one-can easily tailor every ad. targeting products, often to-one marketing (eg, BTOne-to-one marketingwithout good results.and Dynamic Ads.) nirvana Great? 4. Relevancy Formal Definition: Pertinence to the matter at hand. (Merriam Webster Dictionary) What it means for Online Marketing: The right message (or content) at the right time to the right person Ability to engage a user with information meaningful to them Ability for a brand to cultivate awareness and affinity based on a shared set of interests Ability to engage with an audience based on purchase Intent for a product or service Relevancy equals positive performance for advertisers 5. Topics Advertising Targeting Dynamic Ad Generation Content Yahoo! Content Optimization Relevance Engine (CORE) Social Social Content Bundles and Social Conversations 6. Relevance in Advertising6 7. Relevancy through Targeting and DataWhatever kind of targeting geographic, demographic, behavioural - its all smart, its allpersonal, and its all relevant. Theres no downside to any type of targeting, unless it doesnt work. Tom Kelly | COO,Safecount, eMarketer interview,The main unit of currency for online advertising is data. David Hallerman | Senior Analyst, eMarketerPeople hold online to a higher standardfor measurement but it truly is the mosteffective way to reach an audience. Ahmed Gamal-Eldien, 2012 8. Data for Ad Targeting DemographicContextual BehavioralGeographic Target AudienceAttitudinal Data Search DataSocial Data 8 9. Primary Online Targeting MethodsContextual Targeting Audience Targeting Brokerage ad in FinanceMumsA Fundamental Shift Advertisers spend more and more online as Targeting capabilities improve 10. The Basics Geographic Demographic Time-of-day Location data from Target specific audiencesServe up just the rightactivity on Yahoo! sites based on age, gendermessage at the time rightand income. for the right user IP address Visitor registration dataHelpful TipIncrease relevance and performance by targeting multiple geographic audiencessimultaneously with customised messages for each region 11. TARGETING ONLINE INCREASES ACCOUNTABILITY &amp; EFFICIENCIES Direct ResponseUser eventTriggered Behavioral TargetingSophistication of targeting Registered user interestAttribute basedTargeting Time of Day / Week Demographic / GeographicMass Reach Contextual (property-based)Run of Network Audience-Targeted 12. Behavioural TargetingBehavioural Targeting allows you to target your ads to consumers whose recent behaviours online indicate that your product category is relevant to themData Inputs+ + + = Page views SearchSearch Clicks Ad Views &amp; Clicks Behavioural TargetingEnhanced BT The ability to account for the intensity and recency of the users activity We can look at more than just past behaviors What youre doing right now is a stronger indicator of real interest How often and how recently you searched, clicked or viewed will be taken into account Purchase cycles are noted to develop these timeliness, with recent activities carrying moreweight 13. Recency &amp; IntensityActive now and with feelingWhile past behaviors factor into long term purchasing plans, what youre doing right now is a stronger indicator of real interest. Soactivities are noted for timeliness, with recent activities carrying more weight. 14. Precision and RelevanceIncrease your success by: Reaching your audience in an environment and at a time that is relevant and carefully defined. Aligning your advertising messages with your audiences passions and interests. Audience targeting is about getting your message in front ofConsumers will look at a precise audience. It works personally relevant ads for 25because it has relevance at itspercent longer than ads that areheart. not personally relevant to them. 15. Breadth of categoriesYahoo! Maktoob250+ different interest categories Relevance 13 vertical groupsFinanceAutomotiveTravelFMCG EntertainmentRetailTechnology SportsHealthIssuesTelecoms Small Business Lifestages Miscellaneous 16. RETARGETINGContinue the conversationSite retargetingReminding users whove been to yoursite of your offer and driving them back.You just need to place a Yahoo! pixel onyour homepage.Creative retargetingLeverage the investment you make inbranding campaigns by retargeting userswhove seen your ads to continue yourdialogue with them.Clicker retargetingTarget users whove clicked your ad, todraw them back to your key message.16 17. Personalized Advertising !MessagesRight Audience ImagesRight MessagesProductsRight Products Right Drivers CTAs and Offers 18. Relevance in Content 19. Personalized Content 20. CORE Visualizer Yahoo! Homepage 21. Social Relevance 22. Yahoo! Social BarYahoo! Presentation, Confidential 23 9/13/2012 23. Personal 24. Social ContentDiscovery 25. Conversationsaround Content 26. EarnedMedia 27. Yahoo! Research on the Power ofRelevancy 28. Implications for AdvertisersTask Objective Relevance Targeting TypeNewCommunicate newPersonal Relevancy Behavioral TargetingProductproducts to increaseLaunch/Fea engagement amongturesmany consumersBranding Build BrandContextual Relevancy Contextual targeting AwarenessBranding Build Brand Affinity Personal and Behavioral Targeting and Engagement Contextual Relevancy + Contextual TargetingDirect Drive to a specificPersonal and Behavioral Targeting,Response conversion or online Contextual Relevancy Retargeting + actionContextual Targeting 29. The Power of RelevanceToday Getting very close to one- to-one marketingGreat? 30. QuestionsYahoo! Presentation, Confidential34 9/13/2012 </p>