Digital Strategy Lessons from Magic: The Gathering (SXSW 2015)

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#MTGLessons VP, Director of Digital Strategy & UX hyc.comAdam McCrimmon@McAtomsCo-Host of WhatTheGrok Podcast #MTGLessons #MTGLessons #MTGLessons Only for ber nerds? #MTGLessons Source: Selling Game in the World Created in 1993 Over 20 Billion Cards Printed Over 12 Million Players Printed in 11 Languages Sold in 120 Countries More than 700k Sanctioned Events a year #MTGLessons #MTGLessons More than 1,200 new unique cards created a year 16,000+ Total Individual Cards 5 Colors 20 Color Combinations 8 Card Types 24 Creature Types 136 Keywords1.6 Million Decks #MTGLessons Lesson 1: Get a Hobby #MTGLessons Hobby: An activity done regularly in one's leisure time for experience, challenge & pleasure. #MTGLessons I suck. #MTGLessons #MTGLessons Failure #MTGLessons CommonRationalizedThis bad thing happened but its not totally my fault.This bad thing happened its my fault & its not a big deal.Budget wasn't big enoughThere wasnt enough timeRequirements kept changingGot to work lateForgot my lunchDidnt recycle that bottle #MTGLessons Weve grown accustomed to rationalized & common failure. Were comfortable with it. #MTGLessons InvestedThis bad thing happened. Its my fault and its a big deal to me. #MTGLessons Emotionally Invested.Full Responsibility.Invested #MTGLessons InvestedEmotionally Invested.Full Responsibility. #MTGLessons Invested failure is transformative.Approach Point of view AssumptionsHelps you learn. #MTGLessons Momentum #MTGLessons Matthew Eect (1963)Success can breed success, and inequality breeds more inequality.For unto every one that hath shall be given, and he shall have abundance: but from him that hath not shall be taken away even that which he hath.Robert K MertonSociologist #MTGLessons Arnout van de RijtAssociate Professor - SUNY #MTGLessons Success leads to success. #MTGLessons #MTGLessons Hobbies provide a safe outlet for invested failure and a pathway to personal success.Lesson 1: Get a Hobby #MTGLessons Lesson 2: Embrace Limitations #MTGLessons Limitations. Constraints. Requirements. #MTGLessons Richard Garfield #MTGLessons Richard Garfield Peter Adkison #MTGLessons Peter Adkison #MTGLessons Richard Garfield Peter AdkisonWanted a game: Fast Playing Little Setup Inexpensive Had a contact to: Print Pictures on Cards #MTGLessons Richard Garfield Peter Adkison #MTGLessons Richard Garfield Peter Adkison #MTGLessons Richard Garfield Peter Adkison #MTGLessons Limitations are something that I latch onto - like working in genre, or if you're writing TV, there are act breaks, there's a length of time it's supposed to be. The restrictions of budget and sets can be really useful. When you can have everything, it's very hard to make things feel real and lived in.- Joss WhedonIt was really SMS that inspired the further direction -- the particular constraint of 140 characters was kind of borrowed. - Jack Dorsey (Twitter)The enemy of art is the absence of limitations. -Orson Welles #MTGLessons #MTGLessons Cognitive OverheadHow many logical connections or jumps your brain has to make in order to understand or contextualize the thing youre looking at. #MTGLessons #MTGLessons Limitations spark creativity by forcing us to consider alternatives. Lesson 2: Embrace Limitations #MTGLessons Lesson 3: Stop Thinking. Start Doing. #MTGLessons Theory Design vs Practical Design #MTGLessons Practical DesignTheory DesignTalking & thinking about how something might work.Trying it out as quickly as possible to see if it works.BrainstormingMeetingsDocumentationRole PlayingSketchingPrototyping #MTGLessons Prototyping #MTGLessons High Fidelity Low Fidelity #MTGLessons Trying it out as quickly as possible to see if it works. #MTGLessons Finding Problems, Not Solutions #MTGLessons IterationIterationIterationIteration #MTGLessons Good enough is fine. #MTGLessons Judo SolutionsOne that delivers maximum efficiency with minimum effort. Judo solutions are all about getting the most out of doing the least. When good enough gets the job done, go for it. And remember, you can usually turn good enough into great later. #MTGLessons Fuck it. Test it. #MTGLessons 1993 20121993 2014 #MTGLessons Mana SymbolsRules Card TypeIteration #MTGLessons Micro Iteration #MTGLessons Everything is a prototype. Anything can be changed.Lesson 3: Stop Thinking. Start Doing. #MTGLessons Lesson 4: Use Human Nature #MTGLessons #MTGLessons #MTGLessons #MTGLessons Shared Knowledge #MTGLessons #MTGLessons As-FanThe % that a subset of cards appear when each booster pack is fanned out.Commons: 9 or 10 Uncommons: 3 Rares: 1 Land: 1 Token/Ad Card: 1Heroic: 1 Scry: 2 Enchantment: 2 Bestow: 1 Greek Inspired: 3 #MTGLessons Has Wings FlyingLooks Huge TrampleLooks Fast Haste, First Strike or Double StrikeDepicts an event Instant / Sorcery #MTGLessons White: Blue: Black: Red: Green:Human, Animal Wizard, Sea Creature Zombie, Undead, Minotaur Satyr, Minotaur, Monsters Centaur, Satyr, Human, AnimalIts your job to think dierently. Leverage what your audience already knows and establish clear patterns for them to embrace.Lesson 4: Use Human Nature #MTGLessons Lenticular Design #MTGLessons Lenticular DesignA players experience will dictate how complex a design is to them. And some complexity is hidden, because it requires certain knowledge to even be aware of it. #MTGLessons #MTGLessons #MTGLessons Get a Hobby Embrace Limitations Stop Thinking. Start Doing. Use Human Nature #MTGLessons Thanks!Adam Mc | @McAtoms #MTGLessons