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A consolidated version of my portfolio for application to Michigan State University's Design Specialization. The presentation is simplistic to allow focus on the design elements of the work itself.


  • 1. Graphic DesignProjects, Paintings, an d Drawings By Darcie Moran 2012
  • 2. Dear Ms. Gaines, I hope you are enjoying the process of selecting new specialization students and I hope to make your selection easy.I am a creative, hard-working student with big dreams. I have worked as an intern at several publications, and have been worked on projects with the design department at The Washington Examiner. I have developed multimedia skills through JRN 203, my work at The State News, and personal curiosity.As a journalism major pursuing a specialization in design, I hope to eventually possess and design my own online news publication. With the skills this specialization can provide me with, I hope to advance my knowledge of composition, online designs and graphics, and visual communication. Having previously been accepted as a Bachelor of Fine Arts student at MSU, I hope that in going down this path, I can continue doing what I love making ideas come to life.Sincerely, Darcie Moran
  • 3. Nevis Flag Design
  • 4. Six WordDesign
  • 5. Design
  • 6. Painting
  • 7. Drawn Design
  • 8. Charcoal Drawing
  • 9. Painting
  • 10. Drawn Design
  • 11. THE ENDMore work available upon request