Dago 74 x 97 extra large 3 in 1 with diy many butterfliesand under the fresh green leaves and tree to enjoy easy and relaxed quote removable wall decal sticker for kids and living room

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  • Dago, 7.4' X 9.7' Extra Large 3 in 1 with DIY Many Butterflies&Under the Fresh Green Leaves & Tree to Enjoy Easy and

    Relaxed Quote Removable Wall Decal Sticker for Kids & LivingRoom

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  • DIY facilitate easier, richer color pattern. Just peel and stick and give your house wall a change. Thisproduct can be directly attached to the walls, ceramics, glass,window,furniture,mirror,car...any flateven smooth surfaces. DIY for your lovely and elegant Room,it will be beautiful, dream house andlove house. You can easily become your home decoration designers. That's our business rules! "NoHarmful Elements."

    ** Easy to apply ** Just peel and stick to any smooth surface. This giant wall decal is just the right size for any room.

    ** Fantastic for rental property and apartment ** Adhere well, removable and repositionable without damaging your wall. It's a breeze to remove andrestick when you move house.

    ** Brighten up any house ** It is fun being creative and fun to put up. Brighten up any room regardless of whether you put thestickers in the exact right position or not.

    ** Your family absolutely love it ** These are very delightful and sweet addition to your living room or bedroom. Gain love, memory andhappiness to your families.

    ** Bring life to your home ** With high quality, sturdy vinyl stickers, it is an inexpensive way to add colors without paint. Bring somuch life and you'll get lots of compliments from your guests.

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