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Leading low cost, 100% Hand Made Clipping Path and other graphic editing services with super quality.

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  • 1. Leading low cost, 100% Hand Made Clipping Pathand other graphic editing services with superquality.

2. Services We Provide Clipping Path Photo Masking Shadow Creation Object Remove Photo Restoration Retouch Photo Manipulation Raster to Vector PSD to HTML Conversion Flash Banner/Header Logo Design Brochure/Flyer/Etc Design 3. Why Choose Clipping Path Zone (CPZ)? Having good reputation for a long time No payment required before your job is finished Low cost guaranteed Satisfaction guaranteed 30+ Graphic Designers Two ways Quality Check On time service Industrial standard infrastructure Easy and flexible ordering system, including upload/ download files 700+ Images productivity each day..! 21000 a month!! Working schedule of the team is 24/7- 365 days divided into 3-shift Guaranteed confidentiality & security for client images Amazingly Low Rate on Bulk Order! Our employees are Insured (Health & Medical) & got all other standardbenefits 4. Some CreativityClipping path with color correction 5. Top Class Image Masking 6. Logo Design 7. Clipping Path Combine 8. PSD To HTML 9. Photo Manipulation 10. Contact with Us CPZ MediaACS Tower Gulshan Avenue16th floor, Dhaka BangladeshEmail: info@clippingpathzone.comHot Line: +8801760529282Skype Account: ClippingpathzoneFacebook : :