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<ul><li> 1. Artists Book as an original, thematic and handmade work of art Prepared by Student Course University </li> <li> 2. Table of Contents Artists Book as an original, thematic and handmade work of art ......................................................... 3 Artists book as Concept and theme ....................................................................................................... 4 Artists book as Verbal exploration ......................................................................................................... 7 Artists book as Agent of social change ................................................................................................ 10 Artists book as Documentary and archival .......................................................................................... 11 Artists book as Narrative.......................................................................................................................... </li> <li> 3. Artists Book as an original, thematic and handmade work of art Some works of art are realized in the form of book and so called as Artists books. These artists books are published in very small editions and sometimes these are published as a kind of project work and referred as unique. There have been available number of forms and wide range of the artists book that include scrolls, concertinas or loose items contained in a box, fold outs and bound printed sheets. For the many years the artists have been involved in the production and printing of the th books but from the 20 century the artists boo have been came in to existence and made it revolutionize. Even though not all books are issued in the editions but some of them issued. Artists work is very unique and it is a very highly limited edition or a direct expression of the aesthetic ideas in a book form. At a first sight if you see then the definition of the artists book is quite clear and easy to understandable. It can be say that it is simply a book design or book art, that has been produced or illustrated by an artist individually and uniquely. For example a book as named ABC of Bookbinding developed by Jane Greenfield and published by Oak Knoll press in 1998 which is a unique work art of a artist. The things need to understand as the does each individual artists has the unique book art or it can be a edition of the different artists for the number of copies. In traditional ages the artists were th aware of the printing of the books etc. but from the 20 century the evolution of the artists book changed the thinking and methodologies of presenting the idea of the books. According to the Art Libraries Society of the United Kingdom and Ireland the definitions of the artists books have been changed as it turns in to a new revolutionary environment. The Art Libraries Society of the United Kingdom and Ireland produced the library catalogue for the artists book or book like subject where the artists can make input through the imagination and beyond the illustration using visual thinking and thus the final appearance of the book will be based on the authors thought and interference or participation. By this the book is itself will be a work of art. Till yet the artists work is greatly flourishing this means that the artists work has its own importance where the work of art is represented in form of the books. The national library of Scotland has multiple collection of the artists book from the ancient to the modern collections. Here these artists books as not published or if published then as limited edition then it might happen that some of them may fall outside the legal deposit laws and thats why not deposited in the libraries. These artists books are very limited in edition so there are rarely found on all places. Scottish producers of artists book have a collection of many artists books including Jean Johnstone and Elizabeth Hobbs. John Johnstone produced the book in year 1998 and the used images in this artists book used from The Eagle Sings. There were only published seven copies of this work. This report includes the artists work containing the different limited editions of the artists work. </li> <li> 4. Artists book as Concept and theme Concepts and themes as artists book signify the important themes and concepts based on such a incident or a story. The development of the conceptual and theme based artists book started during th 20 century. Based on an incident or based on some kind of story the artists book as concepts and th theme were produced by Bruce Nauman, Lawrence Weiner and Sol LeWitt in early 20 century from North America. In different countries like United Kingdom, Poland many author in art &amp; language field developed artists book as a central part of their practice. For example, in January, 1969 there was an exhibition in New York, United States of America organized by Seth Siegelaub, for the demonstration or presentation of the stack of Artists book where thousands of the artists books in concept and themes were presented. Mainly this exhibition was featured for the artists book produced or illustrated by Douglas Huebler, Lawrence Weiner, Robert Barry and Joseph Kosuth. These authors presented the simply chronicled shadows of the artists book based on concepts and themes. The main aim was to show that based on a story how a book can be produced which contain the interference of the author and his imagination visually. In year 1972, Whilst Kozolwskis realty was presented through the Artists book. The artists book didnt contain the texts but was totally based on the imagination in the reality and then produced them in to some themes and concepts. The other example can be seen as artists book produced Einbetoniertes Buch in year 1971 by Wolf Vostell. Autobiography by Sol LeWitt, 1980 The above presented artists book as an autobiography by Sol LeWitt in year 1980 explains that how the autobiography has been produced in the form of themes and concepts. These types of books only have limited editions and are rarely available. In the United Kingdom, Poland and United States of America libraries and museums this kind of artists book based on concepts and themes can be seen but very limited. This artists book shows that the main theme is to show the activities of Sol LeWitt and his interest etc. through the use of the images as a theme of his life. The two pages picture describes about him what he like and what he do only using the images and based on his life. There has not been used any single word. Lawrence Weiner, Robert Barry also produced such kind of artists book through the use of the images based on the themes and specific concepts. Thus there th have been lots of work in the 20 century for the artists work and there have been produced number of limited edition of artists book. The below artists book named as The Blue Book by Naxos, Greece in year 1998 produced that is based on the blue themes. This artists book is handmade, the size of the book is 15.5x22.0 cm. In this book there is texture cover and there are only 50 pages in blue shades, including with petals, leaver, berries with the thread that in incorporated in the book. There is no text in the book, only a blue theme is there in the all 50 pages. </li> <li> 5. The Blue Book, Naxos, Greece, 1998 This artists book shows about the sky and water kind of themes inside the book using the different images that signify the themes. This describes the themes of the life as air and water in the form of images in blue color theme. This indicates that many authors as discussed above have used the concepts and themes to produce artists book. A Walk in the woods is another artists book based on the concepts and themes, and the main theme here is walking in the woods by Rea Stavropoulos in Florence in year 2000. A walk in the woods, Florence 2000 The above artists book for the walking in the woods theme shows that the color make the people fear when they walk as with the different different dreams and fears that can be combine or illustrated using the colors. This artists book is digitally printed and in a limited edition as 50 copies. This artists book was digitally printed for the exhibition named as We Map Out our obsessions in Florence in year 2000. This artists work was as a artists book was soft blinded after digital printing with the transparent protective cover. There were 52 pages in this artists book and the size was 11x15.5 cm and there were both images and text in the book and the basic theme of the artists book was Women, feminity and the cycle of nature. The concepts and the themes is produced by Rea Stavropoulos and digitally printed by La Stamperia di Massimo Massaini in Florence. Feminity means the sexual activities and dominance in the society have been presented using both the images and texts as well. The another artists book named as Dance, Dreams and Journeys fragments of a life produced by Rea Stavropoulos and digitally printed by La Stamperia di Massimo Massaini in Florence in eyar 2003, the size of the book is 13x17 cm and there are 116 pages and the original drawing have been taken from the artists sketchbooks 1973-2003 and texts by the artist on Colotech. The theme of this artists book is very different and there have been used three different sections as dance, dreams and journeys. </li> <li> 6. It include The Seventies; From Sri Lanka to India, by train and boat; Family; Travels through Greece; Dance Rhythm in Space. Dance, Dreams and Journeys fragments of a life, Florence, 2003 Thus finally, from the above description of the artists book as concepts and themes shows that there have been many authors in different regions who produced this kind of artists book using the concepts and themes. Some of them are very limited editions so rarely available, some of them have been presented here. </li> <li> 7. Artists book as Verbal exploration Exploration verbally is also a way to represent the things in a nice way. From the past it has been th used but after the 20 century it got rapid use and many authors presented their imagination and through not in the words but as verbally. In verbal way the author can represent the whole imagination and thinking in just few images in a synchronization way which explains the entire story using the verbal and also the verbal patterns. The below is an example of how the artists book based on Verbal th exploration were produced in the 20 century. Art in Safe, Ruine, Geneva 1989 This artists book implies about the forward of work using the verbal explanation as seen in the above figure of the artists book as an example. The work of 8 artists has been represented like a safe deposit using the verbal as 30x50x10 cm boxes in Banque Hypothcaire du Canton de Genve. The all keys of the boxes have been displayed in the Ruine, Geneva. This indicates that using only the verbal as keys and boxes the meaning of the art can be understand from it easily. The authors as Joseph Beuys, Les Levine and Herman Nitsch, Fanz Erhard Walther in Switzerland exhibited the artists book as verbal exploration. These kinds of artists book also have limited edition of printing and very rare to find. Verbal is kind of representations which have very specific meaning and may be some time deep meaning to for understanding the themes or correct meaning behind it. Using the specific characters it explains a lot of things. The below is another example which illustrates the verbal exploration perfectly. As seen in the image that this is not a single picture used in the artists book but it signify the many things as the dotted lines and the small small dotted spots on the verbal image describes about something that is really important. This verbal representation of the book make your attention towards the visual materiality of language that was used in year 1910 to 1920 by the futurists such as Marinetti or Dadaists such as Tristan Tzara or Kurt Schwitters undertook their typographic experimentation. The legacy of such exploration was produced by Marinetti or Dadaists using the tedious patterns of the verbal representation as artists books and printed as limited edition. The first artists book name as A Throw of a Dice was printed in year 1914 where he used the mostly of verbal representation to understand the things. The main aspects of such artists book were as the signifier and the signified. Dadaists tried to put the linguists in the verbal presentation type artists book where absent was signified which may showed the independent relation to the material signifier. </li> <li> 8. Tristan Tzara: Calligramme, 1910 These experiments of verbal exploration on the physical level of language were dismissed by Surrealism, who experimented the language level as mental presentation and produced the artists book based on his imagination and theories as verbal exploration in year 1950s 1960s. During the Second World War it got in to existence completely with the presentation and through as a form of verbal. Isou, Les Nombres (1952) </li> <li> 9. The presented picture of the book Isou in 1952 illustrates how the verbal explorations were used to represent the ideas and thinking. The verbal language is very important while signifying the important things and not the all should be able to understand easily. It evolved during Second World War because in Second World War to inform to the people there verbal were sued so that the enemy and other non-authentic person could not trace the things or messages easily. The concrete poetry also produced using the iconization of language. The visual pictures were applied to know the secret things in a better way. The most of the species as verbal were very typical and complex to understand. During 1998 Roland Sabatis presented a artists book as verbal exploration so it can be assumed that ti...</li></ul>


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