A Lifestyle Design Crash Course

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Forget about web, graphic or interior design, lifestyle design is the new black! What is lifestyle design? Some key elements & practical hands-on tips&tricks.

Text of A Lifestyle Design Crash Course

  • 1. Dont be rich Live rich- a lifestyle design crash course - nomadz.nunewbraveworld.nuSaturday 25 June 2011

2. HI, MY NAME ISCATHERINE AND NOTSO LONG AGO WEUNDERTOOK ON ALIFESTYLE DESIGNEXPERIMENTCALLED NOMADZ.NUSaturday 25 June 2011 3. BUT YOU DONTHAVE TOTRAVEL TO BEA LIFESTYLEDESIGNERSaturday 25 June 2011 4. LifestyledesignDesign your own life according what you want tomake out of it.Dont think in the normal templates of life.Timothy Ferriss: exit 9-to-5Timothy Ferriss notion of lifestyle design is a littlelimitedSaturday 25 June 2011 5. LIFESTYLE DESIGN IS THE NEW BLACK. - MIX AND MATCH FOR ADVANCED USERS -Saturday 25 June 2011 6. THE WORLD IS FLAT & THE INTERNET IS MORE THAN EVER GIVING US ACCESS TO A TRILLION WAYS TO LIVE.-Ask YOuR GRANDMOM WHEN SHE GREW UP HOW MANY PEOPLE WEREMEDITATING ATHEISTS WHO HAd FRIENDS LIVING IN COPENHAGEN, CAPE TOWN AND NEW YORKAND LIKE D BOTH ITALO DISCO AND NU JAZZ, AND YOUlL GET WHAT I MEAN.Saturday 25 June 2011 7. 9 to 5 iS A CONSTRUCT OFOLD FASHIONED CAPITALISM**ANYONE STILL BELIEVING ADVERTISING? DIDNT THINK SO. YET ANOTHER SYSTEMIN DECLINE .Saturday 25 June 2011 8. ALL OUR MONEY DESPITE,PEOPLE JUST DONT SEEM TO BE HAPPY.-ALL OVER THE INDUSTRIAL ISED WORLD THERE IS A MAJOR INCREASE IN DEPRESSION, SUICIDE, ADDICTIONS, CRIME.Saturday 25 June 2011 9. INDUSTRIAL TIMES WERE ABOUT RATIONALITY,DREAM SOCIETYS LOGICCONFORMITY & MATERIALITY. THE INDUSTRIAL LOGICTODAY IS ABOUT CREATION, DESIGN & INDIVIDUALITY- AND IF YOU DONt BELIEVE ME, BELIEVE THE COPENHAGEN INSTITUTE OF FUTURE STUDIES.CREATIVE MANS LOGICA MODEL OF SOCIETYS LOGICSDREAM SOCIETYS LOGIC The Industrial Logic Dream Societys logic Creative Mans logic SAFETY NEEDSOrganisationHIERARCHYCORPORATE VALUESNETWORKTHE INDUSTRIAL LOGICMotivationMATERIAL NEEDS,SOCIAL NEEDS, PERSONAL GROWTH,COMFORTDREAMSCHALLENGES ANDAND SAFETY AND VALUESOPPORTUNITIESThe good workplaceGOOD PHYSICAL WORK GOOD SOCIAL WORKGOOD CREATIVE WORKENVIRONMENTENVIRONMENT ENVIRONMENTThe good employee STABLE LOYAL INNOVATIVEMost importantA GOOD PRICE,A GOOD STORY, THE PERSONAL TOUCH,product qualities EASE OF USE BRANDING CHOICESCREATIVE MANS LOGICRecreationRELAXATION ADVENTURE CREATIVE ACTIVITIESTechnologyAUTOMATION COMMUNICATION CREATIONThe ideal THE MILLIONAIRETHE STORYTELLER THE INNOVATORThe Industrial Logic Dream Societys logic Creative Mans logic loser TheTHE ODDBALLTHE BORINGTHE UNINVENTIVESAFETY NEEDSReligionCHURCH RELIGIONNEW AGE INDIVIDUAL BELIEF Organisation HIERARCHYCORPORATE VALUESNETWORK(if any) ORGANISED EXCITING PERSONALAND TRADITIONALAND DIFFERENT AND UNIQUE Motivation MATERIAL NEEDS,SOCIAL NEEDS, PERSONAL GROWTH,Saturday 25 June 2011 COMFORTDREAMSCHALLENGES AND 10. OK. I AM CONVINCED.GIMME SOMECONCEPTS.Saturday 25 June 2011 11. EUDAIMONIA(ARISTOTELES. )The Actualisation of PotentiaHappinessNot just an ancient concept (Umair Haque -Harvard Business Review - http://bit.ly/kPl3rg )Saturday 25 June 2011 12. FLOW (CSIKSZENTMIHALYI. )Optimal ExperienceBetween Boredom & AnxietyReading: Flow. The Psychology of OptimaleExperienceSaturday 25 June 2011 13. QUALITY (PIRSIG )Zen and the art of Motorcycle Maintenance.Quality = ValueAgainst supremacy of the intellectThe Fundamental Force in the Universestimulating everything from atoms to animals toincorporate ever greater levels of qualitySaturday 25 June 2011 14. OK. I WANT THIS TOO.WHERE SHOULD I START?Saturday 25 June 2011 15. CONSTRUCT YOURDREAMLIST/DREAMLINES(TIMOTHEY FERRISS )http://www.fourhourworkweek.com/Consider Mini-Retirements (Sagmeister)Saturday 25 June 2011 16. DONT BE A FOOLNot an excuse to be a nobody.Everyone needs money & security.The same goes for a good pension planSaturday 25 June 2011 17. BE A LIFEHACKER(BEYOND THE ORDINARY WAY - GTD++)The importance of butikk.nu in the nomadz.nustoryMore time to spent, more quality experiencesTalk to your accountant. Learn some GTD.Saturday 25 June 2011 18. BE more THAN YOURBUSINESS CARD(COVEY )State your different rolesDont forget quadrant II activitiesSaturday 25 June 2011 19. VISIT THE SCHOOL OF LIFE(ALAIN DE BOTTON )True lessons in lifehttp://newbraveworld.nu/2011/06/why-you-should-visit-the-school-of-life/Saturday 25 June 2011 20. AND REMEMBER..DONT BE RICH. LIVE RICH.Saturday 25 June 2011 21. THATs ALL FOLKS. www.nomadz.nu www.newbraveworld.nu catherine@newbraveworld.nu twitter.com/cvanholderSaturday 25 June 2011