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5 Slides Design Tips

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1. TIPS5that will easily upgrade your slides slide design lookatmyslides 2. TIP#1 no templates 3. NOtemplates! 4. TIP#2 one message 5. message per slide 1 6. message per slide 1 this really helps reducing the amount of text per slide 7. TIP#3 typography 8. typography 9. typographythe art and technique of arranging type to make written language readable and beautiful 10. Stopusingthedefault fonts 11. start using the really cool fonts that makes a dierenceand yes, more than one type of fonts per slide 12. ALL CAPS LOOKS GREAT 13. MAGIC text alignment makesto your slides 14. MAGIC text alignment makesto your slides 15. TIP#4 using images 16. use high-resolution images 17. full screen images make a difference 18. Webapplica4onspeed iscrucial 19. web application speed is crucial 20. TIP#5 text on images 21. bad contrast ruins even the most beautiful photos 22. drop in some transparent background 23. Credits Bee with pollen by coniferconifer - Championnat Europen de DRIFT by - Rangoli colours by Nagarjun Kandukuru - 24. lookatmyslides