Using Analytics to Improve Fundraising

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By Dennis McCarthy and Donna Wilkins


  • 1. MoneyballHow Analytics Improves FundraisingPRESENTED BY DENNIS MCCARTHYDONNA WILKINS

2. What should Ido? 3. M&M 4. Charity Dynamics TEMpOTechnology Engagement MOdelStrategy for managing the pace and prioritization of onlineinvestment Inherently come and go Drive awareness, audience,response Require incrementalinvestment Ensures ongoing engagement Maximizes campaigninvestment Converts from campaign tomission-oriented supporters Built to last Provides utility Manages growingconstituency Unites disparate campaigns 5. CMO+CTO / CIO 6. 3 Buckets1. Do-It-Yourself2. Integrated Fundraising3. Mobile 7. Do It Yourself 8. Integrated Marketing 9. Mobile 10. M&M 11. Whats Next User generated video content Who are you constituents? Age / Race / Gender Transparent loyalty programs Valuing acceleration 12. Learn More Nten / CD Donor Engagement Study CD Interactive Investment Study CD Blog 13. Q&A 14. Are you pumped up and ready to go?Dont forget to completea session survey!Each completed survey enters you into a drawing to win acomplimentary registration to bbcon 2015 in Austin, Texas*.*Blackbaud reserves the right to change or withdraw this promotion at any time, without advance notice. Promotion has no cash value and may not beexchanged, applied to, or combined with any other offer.15 #bbcon