Track Everything: Using Universal Analytics and Google Tag Manager

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Jeff Siebach presented at PodCamp Nashville 2014 to put on display the power of Google's newest tools, Universal Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

Text of Track Everything: Using Universal Analytics and Google Tag Manager

  • Track Everything Because what you dont know cant help you
  • Who is this guy? Jeff Siebach Director of Search Engine Marketing at Local Search Masters 23 years of experience being a nerd (3 professionally)
  • In 40 minutes youll be an expert on: Universal Analytics Whats new with UA How to implement UA on your site How to unlock additional reporting features of UA Google Tag Manager What it is and why it rocks How to implement GTM on your site How to use GTM to track everything.
  • Resources, Citations, and Slides Everything from todays presentation will be available at:
  • What you can track (besides everything) Website traffic Cross-domain traffic Cross-device traffic Demographic information Form submissions (contact, signup, ) E-commerce transactions Social Interactions Different links to the same page Clicks
  • What you cant track through UA/GTM alone Phone call sources (requires additional service) Traffic on other peoples websites
  • Universal Analytics
  • More Features, Better Insights Connect sessions across devices Organic/Referral exclusions Treat branded traffic as direct even with (not provided)
  • Upgrading to Universal
  • Upgrading to Universal
  • Upgrading to Universal
  • Upgrading to Universal
  • Upgrading to Universal
  • Enabling Demographic Reports
  • Enabling Demographic Reports
  • Demographic Reports
  • Advanced Features User ID tracking track users across devices Organic Exclusions count organic traffic from branded keywords as direct traffic Referral Exclusions dont count referrals from your own site Resources to implement advanced features can be found at
  • Google Tag Assistant (Chrome Add-on) Check if your tags are working
  • Google Tag Manager Because what you dont know cant help you
  • Leave the IT guys out of it Measure your website marketing goals without coding Automatically enable advanced Google Analytics features Manage multiple websites from one place
  • Do any of these sound like you? You dont have access to your site code to make changes Your site is split across 2 domains (eg. a shopping cart or an external blog) You manage many websites You arent tracking the value of e-commerce transactions on your site
  • Example tags Google Analytics
  • Example tags AdWords Conversion Tracking
  • Example tags Webmaster Tools
  • Example tags Event tracking
  • Example tags Cross-domain tracking
  • Example tags
  • Adding Google Tag Manager Create a container Add your Google Analytics tag Publish the container Swap legacy Analytics code for GTM code
  • GTM Demo Adding Analytics Adding Remarketing/Conversion code Tracking Links/Forms Using Macros
  • External links tel:703-969-5392
  • Form/Link tracking
  • Goals in Analytics Admin > View > Goals > Add New Goal