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January 2015Text analytics helps Customer Experience & Marketing teams dig deeper.The recent automation of text analytics allows for fast, reliable and insightful analysis of a huge amount of unstructured data in near real-time.

This presentation outlines how you can take advantage of text analytics and how you can do so most effectively.

Check out the final slide for more ways of exploring text analytics.

Four ways text analytics is now adding valueReducing churnWhat do customers say before/after they switch?

Answering the questions that structured data raised originallyText analytics gives the Why? to the What? youve already seen.

Being first to spot the added-value opportunitiesSee what your competitors customers like/hate about their brand

Brite Lite InsightsThrough single-issue, fast turn-around researchHow has text analytics been used recently?Resolving confusing NPSAnderson Analytics helped Jiffy Lube resolve why sales didnt correlate with NPS score

Qual meets quantClarabridge worked with a US airline to better capture the Voice of the Customer

Correcting customers perceptions of staffVerbal Identity worked with a UK big 4 supermarket to identify underlying causes of customer dissatisfaction

The 4 Basic Requirements for a text analytics project to be commercially usable:Repeatable



Zero or low disruption to your organisation

Expensive dead ends to avoidHire a monkey to flip a coin.Dont waste time on sentiment analysis. Its no more accurate than a coin toss.

Health vs. Wealth.Recognise the relative values of dashboarding vs actionable insights

If it takes more than a month to build or 15 minutes to explain, something is wrong.A pilot project can be up and running in 4 weeks, with no input required from IT dept.

Excel never told you what to do, Word never wrote a great novel.Its the interpretation of the results that adds value. Hire people like Verbal Identity to understand the results. We understand words like other people understand numbers.How to start with Text Analytics 1Start with a conversation of possibilitiesWhat could and couldnt this project discover

Set clear goalsHandy when the project starts throwing up other interesting discoveries

What can you afford?Not just money, but how much time and disruption?

Find the best fit softwareDepends on your budget, timings and hunger for change.

How to start with Text Analytics 2Data is nothing without interpretationCase study: The girl was rude. Which part of this sentence reveals most about why the customers interaction with the staff member went wrong.

Jump, dont diveConduct a brief Proof of Concept project : up and running in 4 weeks is not unreasonable. Where Verbal Identity fits in

How we can helpWe are the only UK company to combine Text Analytics and Linguistics

We dont sell software: we help clients identify what useful data they already have

We recommend the most suitable software

We use linguistics to interpret the results and provide board-ready, actionable insights

Further information and explanationIf you are looking to discover more about your customers motivations, reduce churn, spot competitive opportunities or monitor customer satisfaction behind NPS scores, please get in contact. Download our new White Paper at:http://www.verbalidentity.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/text-analytics-cold-hard-numbers-and-bright-insights-FINAL.pdf

Email us for a discussion: textanalytics@verbalidentity.com