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  • The 27 Best Growth Hacking Tools of 2016


  • Email Marketing

  • MailchimpMailchimp's simple and free email platform is the go-to tool for more than 10 million marketers.

    The platform's users send more than 600 million emails a day, and you can see why. Mailchimp's simple automation, segmentation and targeting are enough for many entry-level growth hackers. The report function is also helpful in optimizing your email marketing campaigns over time.

    Current Pricing Structure (as of March 8th, 2016):


  • Aweber offers a bit more than Mailchimp in a few places, primarily a stronger automated email functionality (including auto-responder follow-up) and better sign up forms.I've also found their campaign function to be more intuitive if you're looking to combine email marketing with a lead generation campaign (for instance).

    Current Pricing Structure (as of March 8th, 2016):


  • If Aweber offers a bit more power than Mailchimp, Emma offers a bit more than Aweber. Emma actually gets us into a bit of the more developer-friendly email platforms (so stop at Aweber if you're just starting out).

    Emma makes it easy to automate email campaigns, segment based on data stored inside of an integrated CRM, and heavy personalization using dynamic content (very cool).

    Current Pricing Structure (as of March 8th, 2016):


  • One step up from Emma is, which is a very developer-friendly platform (in as much as it's almost difficult to use if you don't have a developer handy). This is actually the platform Wishpond used before we started using our own email tool. has a great user profile functionality (allowing you to see individual actions of individual contacts). It's very HTML-friendly and very integration-friendly, meaning "you can start sending emails based on what people do or don't do after they log in to your software/website."

    Current Pricing Structure (as of March 8th, 2016):

    Customer IO4wishpond

  • Social Media

  • Buffer has been Wishpond's go-to social media platform for years now, and they're the most solid tool we've seen in a very competitive market.

    Buffer enables you to collate your social profiles into one place which means you can share the same piece of content quickly and easily across all of them. Their analytics dashboard (if you upgrade to "Awesome or go with a Business plan) is also extremely detailed and helpful.

    Current Pricing Structure (as of March 8th, 2016):




  • Pablo (from Buffer) is my favorite recent social post creator tool. The platform is super intuitive, and, while perhaps not quite as powerful as other similar tools, helps you design and share images quickly.

    Pablo is currently free.

    Other notable social share design tools include, but are not limited to...



    PowtoonEvernote's SkitchEasel.lyVisme



  • So RebelMouse is primarily cool because it does what a lot of content curation/aggregation tools do, simply and powerfully. It's also integrated a straightforward CMS element which is really strong.

    I also like that it has a great mobile app which makes it easy to access and share curated (and original) content on the fly.

    Current Pricing Structure (as of March 8th, 2016):

    Contact the RebelMouse team for pricing (not available on their site).




  • Nuzzel is a really cool (though largely unknown) content curation tool which is focused on the content most interesting to your social network. It aggregates stories, articles and images from your social media followers and then filters by the most popular content or whichever was shared most recently.

    Nuzzel is great, particularly on Twitter, because it enables you to follow stories and get valuable insight into what content your Followers like - giving you more confidence to create content similar to it.

    Current Pricing Structure (as of March 8th, 2016):

    Nuzzel is currently free.




  • Postplanner, beyond the somewhat straightforward social media management of Buffer (and Hootsuite, for that matter), offers a very helpful content curation element. Postplanner makes it easy to consolidate your own profiles as well as every social profile related to your business, allowing you to see (and share and schedule) the most interesting content your audience might find interesting.

    Postplanner Bonus: I also love that Postplanner app has the Canva platform built right into it. Nice little perk right there

    Current Pricing Structure (as of March 8th, 2016):




  • Marketing Automation

  • What am I gonna do? Pretend we don't have a marketing automation platform?Marketing automation is the #1 most cost-effective tool for professional marketers with a bit of budget, and it's far simpler than it was even a year ago.

    Automating your lead generation, lead nurturing and lead management processes can save you hundreds of hours a month

    Automate email nurturing campaigns which turn generated leads into qualified sales prospects.

    Automate the sales process with lead scoring, customer relationship tracking and workflows as complicated or simple as you like.

    Retain customers through automated loyalty campaigns and easy segmentation.

    Wishpond is also integrated with many of the awesome tools in this slidedeck. See our Integrations Page for the complete list.


  • Current Pricing Structure (as of March 8th, 2016):


  • Browser Plugins

  • Eye Dropper and the next tool, Nimbus Screenshot, are my most-frequently used plugins.Eye Dropper enables you to pick any color off of a webpage, providing you with the hex code, rgb, hsl and official name of that color. It also stores your recently "dropped" colors for as long as you ask it too. This makes it super easy to keep your brand's hexcodes around for easy access, or steal a color you like from someone else's site.

    Growth hackers take a lot of screenshots - the constant messiness of my desktop can attest to that.

    So we need a good screenshot tool, and of course the one built into my Mac or your PC isn't going to cut it. You need to capture part of a page, scroll and capture, easily capture one element, edit, and save as whatever file type you like.

    Nimbus gives you all that and more.


    Nimbus Screenshot


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  • SEOQuake has replaced both my Alexa plugin and my PageRank plugin, as it does both. It also has the added benefit of highlighting nofollow links (if I tell it to), display keyword densities and compare one site's search optimization to that of another.SEOQuake is my go-to plugin for SEO.

    While I don't look at Ghostery every single day, I like to have it watching my back.The plugin allows me to see any and all trackers, pixels, bugs and beacons that are on the webpages I visit. This informs my own growth hacking strategies, as in "what is my competitor doing with tracking and remarketing that I'm not?"

    I also like that Ghostery allows me to choose how and when I want to be tracked. As they say "a personalized digital experience is great, but shouldnt you be in control of whos tracking you?"




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