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Report Period: February 1 - February 29, 2016Instagram Community Size and Growth BenchmarksAn Instagram report on the number of fans and the growth rate of those fans across 61 brands in 7 industries, including Luxury Fashion, Soft Drinks, State Tourism, Luxury Autos, Childrens Hospitals, Consumer Electronics, and Snack Foods.

SummaryThis report delivers a broad view of Instagram community sizes and growth rates across 7 industries and 61 brands. HighlightsGrowth rates for all of the industries hover between 6-7%, with snack foods being the only exception at 11%.Average posting volumes range from 7/month in the snack food industry to as high as 71 in luxury fashion.The industry average Instagram page fan count ranges from around 5,800 in childrens hospitals, to over 7 million in the luxury fashion category.

Report Period: February 2016

Fan Count HighlightsAn overview of the largest and smallest brands in each industry, as well as the average.

IndustryHighLowAverageLuxury FashionChanel10,554,774Calvin Klein3,900,8667,142,185Soft DrinksCoca-Cola1,101,672Mountain Dew215,514424,896State TourismPure Michigan334,308I LOVE NEW YORK21,474112,648Luxury AutoMercedes-Benz4,691,538The Lincoln Motor Company59,2701,141,717Childrens HospitalsBoston Childrens Hospital10,963Cook Childrens Hospital4,6935,844Consumer ElectronicsGo Pro8,296,400Panasonic9,0761,399,872Snack FoodsOreo1,455,139Butterfinger2,048502,937

Fan Growth Rate HighlightsAn overview of the fastest and slowest growing brands in each industry, as well as the average.

IndustryHighLowAverageLuxury FashionCalvin Klein10%Dolce & Gabanna4.59%6.06%Soft DrinksSprite10.76%Mountain Dew4.02%6.21%State TourismI LOVE NEW YORK13.08%Visit Colorado3.3%7.1%Luxury AutoThe Lincoln Motor Company10.24%Volvo3.64%6.44%Childrens HospitalsBoston Childrens Hospital8.5%Cook Childrens Hospital4.17%5.55%Consumer ElectronicsSamsung USA14.24%Vizio1.35%6.02%Snack FoodsTwix21.1%Oreo5.49%11.41%

Luxury Fashion

Soft Drinks

State Tourism

Luxury Auto

Childrens Hospitals

Consumer Electronics

Snack Foods

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