Electronic Cigarette & E Vapor Market Research Reports - Sizing, Share, and Forecast 2014 -2024

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n electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) or electronic nicotine delivery system (ENDS) is a battery operated device which simulates the experience of tobacco smoking without the inhalation of smoke. This device which is being reckoned as an alternative of conventional cigarettes emits vaporized nicotine which is inhaled by the user. The global e-cigarette product market value is estimated to grow over $39.6 billion by 2024, at a CAGR of 27.3% from 2014 to 2024. Electronic Cigarette & E Vapor market study includes segmentation of electronic cigarette industry based upon types, composition, components, and geography. The market potential of electronic cigarette based on these segments has been analyzed. ased on types, electronic cigarettes are classified into disposables, rechargeable, personal vaporizers, E-Gos, E-Cigars, and other products such as e-cigars and e-pipes. Among these types, the rechargeable electronic cigarette have proved to be the most popular though personal vaporizers are gaining currency in the market with the passage of time. The study exhaustively covers the various stages of the value chain, from manufacturers of electronic cigarette devices and accessories in the Shenzhen district of China to retailers and distributors in the U.S. and European markets. Additionally, the growth trend in the market has been studied across different geographical regions segmented into North America, Europe, APAC, and Others. A detailed PESTLE (Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal, Environmental factors) analysis of the leading markets of the world has been undertaken to give a picture of the factors which effect the industry. The report presents a detailed market analysis of electronic cigarette industry by incorporating complete pricing and cost analysis of electronic cigarettes, e-liquids, and other accessories. Along with that, Porters and PESTLE analyses of the market have also been done. The report covers the market dynamics namely the drivers, challenges, and opportunities in the electronic cigarette market, listing and analyzing several factors that positively and negatively affect it. Lastly, the report deals with the detailed competitive landscape of the electronic cigarette market along with the company profiles of all key players across the industry


  • 1. GLOBAL ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE & E VAPOR MARKET Size, Share, Analysis & Forecast 2014-2024 BIS RESEARCH 2014 The global e-cigarette product market value is estimated to grow over $39.6 billion by 2024, at a CAGR of 27.3% from 2014 to 2024. An electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) or electronic nicotine delivery system (ENDS) is a battery operated device which simulates the experience of tobacco smoking without the inhalation of smoke. This device which is being reckoned as an alternative of conventional cigarettes emits vaporized nicotine which is inhaled by the user. Electronic Cigarette Market Size ($Billion) - Forecast 2013 2014 2016 2018 2020 2022 2024 North America Europe APAC Some of the drivers of the e-cigarette markets are: ANALYSIS & FORECAST Base Year: 2013 11-year annual forecast (2014-2024) MARKET, BY REGIONS North America, Europe, APAC MARKETS, BY COMPOSITION E-liquids Diluents Nicotine Flavors PRODUCT COVERED Disposable Electronic Cigarettes Rechargeable Electronic Cigarettes E-go Electronic Cigarette Personal Vaporizers Electronic Cigars Others Rise in the lookout for alternatives to tobacco due to health risks and restrictions in consumption Entry of tobacco giants in the e-cigarette market Intensification of the competition in the market due to rise of a number of small e-cigarette companies Lack of restrictions in the marketing of e-cigarettes Cost-effectiveness of e-cigarettes in comparison to traditional cigarettes Product innovation and the scope for personalization and customization Lack of overall regulation and taxes Some of the key challenges of the e-cigarette markets are: upcoming government directives delineating a clear regulatory framework for the marketing of e-cigarettes The ambiguity around the health risks of e-cigarettes Lack of standardization in the safety of e-cigarettes devices Rising popularity among children, adolescents & non-smokers due to lack of legal regulation Patent lawsuits & intellectual property rights (IPR) issues Disposal of e-cigarette components at its end-of-life stage Key question answered in the report: Detailed competitive intelligences and trend analysis for leading and emerging market players in the electronic cigarette industry Market Drivers, challenges and opportunity in the electronic cigarette identified and its impact over next 10 years studied Electronic Cigarette (E-Cigarette) market sizing, analysis and forecast by different types- Disposable Electronic Cigarette, Rechargeable Electronic Cigarette, E-Go, Personal Vaporizers (APV) or Mods, Electronic Cigar, E-Hookah, E-shisha and E-pipes among other Electronic Cigarette (E-Cigarette) market analysis and forecast by components- Cartridge, Atomizer, Battery, Detailed market sizing, analysis and forecast by geography- North America ( U.S. and Canada and Others), Europe ( Russia, Germany, U.K. France, and others), APAC ( China, Japan, South Korea, Australia, India and others), South America, Middle East and South Africa Detailed analysis on legislative and other key factors that directly and indirectly impact the market trends across each region www.bisresearch.com 2014|BIS
  • 2. GLOBAL ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE & E VAPOR MARKET Size, Share, Analysis & Forecast 2014-2024 Table of Contents 1 Executive Summary 3.4.3 Product Innovation & Massive Opportunities For 2 E-cigarette Market Entropy Customization & Personalization 2.1 Key Market Strategies 3.4.4 The Emergence of A Slow But Steady Market In 2.1.1 Product Development and Launch The APAC Region 2.1.2 Business Expansion 4 E-cigarette Market Sizing, Analysis & Forecast 2.1.3 Merger & Acquisition 4.1 By Product Types 2.1.4 Partnership & Agreement 4.1.1 Market Statistics 2.1.5 Patent Lawsuit 4.1.2 Disposable Electronic Cigarettes 2.1.6 Financial Transaction Market Statistics 2.1.7 Others 4.1.3 Rechargeable Electronic Cigarettes 2.2 Porters Five Forces Analysis Market Statistics 2.2.1 Threat From New Entrants 4.1.4 E-go Electronic Cigarette 2.2.2 Threat From Substitutes Market Statistics 2.2.3 Intensity of Competitive Rivalry 4.1.5 Personal Vaporizers 2.2.4 Bargaining Power of Suppliers Market Statistics 2.2.5 Bargaining Power of Buyers 4.1.6 Electronic Cigars 3 E-cigarette Market Dynamics Market Statistics 3.1 Introduction 4.1.7 Others 3.2 Market Drivers Market Statistics 3.2.1 Rise In The Lookout For Alternatives to 4.2 By Composition tobacco Due to Health Risks and 4.2.1 E-liquids Restrictions In Consumption 4.2.2 Diluents 3.2.2 Entry of tobacco Giants In The E- 4.2.3 Nicotine Cigarette Market 4.2.4 Flavors 3.2.3 Intensification of The Competition In The 4.3 By Components Market Due to Rise of A Number of Small 4.3.1 Cartridge E-cigarette Companies 4.3.2 Atomizer 3.2.4 Lack of Restrictions In The Marketing of E-cigarettes Clearomizer 3.2.5 Cost-effectiveness of E-cigarettes In 4.3.3 Cartomizer Comparison to Traditional Cigarettes 4.3.4 Rebuildable Atomizer 3.2.6 Product Innovation and The Scope For 4.3.5 Battery Personalization and Customization 5 Geographical Analysis 3.2.7 Lack of Overall Regulation and Taxes 5.1 Introduction 3.3 Market Challenges 5.1.1 Market Statistics 3.3.1 Upcoming Government Directives 5.2 Pestle Analysis Delineating A Clear Regulatory 5.3 North America Framework For The Marketing of E- 5.3.1 Introduction Cigarettes Market Statistics 3.3.2 The Ambiguity Around The Health Risks of E- Cigarettes 5.3.2 U.S. 3.3.3 Lack of Standardization In The Safety of E- Pestle Analysis Cigarettes Devices Political Challenges to The E-cigarette Market 3.3.4 Rising Popularity Among Children, Adolescents & Economic Policies Strengthening The E-cigarette Non-smokers Due to Lack of Legal Regulation Industry 3.3.5 Patent Lawsuits & Intellectual Property Rights (ipr) The Play of Demographics In The E-cigarette Issues Market 3.3.6 Disposal of E-cigarette Components At Its End-of- Conducive Technological Landscape of The life Stage Country 3.4 Market Oportunities Legal Framework and Market Regulations 3.4.1 Acquisition of Small E-cigarette Companies By Environmental Concerns For E-cigarette Product tobacco Giants Components 3.4.2 Investment & Franchising Opportunities In The Conclusion Market. Market Statistics www.bisresearch.com 2014|BIS
  • 3. GLOBAL ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE & E VAPOR MARKET Size, Share, Analysis & Forecast 2014-2024 Table of Contents 5.3.3 Canada Pestle Analysis Pestle Analysis Conclusion Conclusion 5.5.7 Others Market Statistics 5.6 Others 5.3.4 Others 5.6.1 South America 5.4 Europe 5.6.2 Middle East 5.4.1 Introduction 5.6.3 South Africa Market Statistics 6 Key E-cigarette Market Players Profile 5.4.2 Russia 6.1 Altria Group, Inc. Pestle Analysis 6.1.1 Altria Group, Inc. Summary Conclusion 6.1.2 Product Portfolio Market Statistics Mark Ten 5.4.3 Germany Green Smoke Llc Pestle Analysis 6.1.3 Financials Conclusion 6.1.4 Key Developments Market Statistics 6.1.5 Analyst Insight 5.4.4 U.K. 6.2 Ballantyne Brands, Llc Pestle Analysis 6.2.1 Ballantyne Brands, Llc Summary Conclusion 6.2.2 Product Portfolio Market Statistics Mistic Electronic Cigarettes 5.4.5 France Neo Electronic Cigarettes Pestle Analysis 6.2.3 Financials Conclusion 6.2.4 Key Developments Market Statistics 6.2.5 Analyst Insight 5.4.6 Others 6.3 British American tobacco Plc (bat) 5.5 APAC 6.3.1 British American tobacco Plc. (bat) Summary 5.5.1 Introduction 6.3.2 Product Portfolio Market Statistics Vype Electronic Cigarettes 5.5.2 China Vuse Electronic Cigarettes Pestle Analysis 6.3.3 Financials Conclusion 6.3.4 Key Developments Market Statistics 6.3.5 Analyst Insight 5.5.3 Japan 6.4 Bull Smoke Pestle Analysis 6.4.1 Bull Smoke Summary Conclusion 6.4.2 Product Portfolio Market Statistics 6.4.3 Financials 5.5.4 South Korea 6.4.4 Key Developments Pestle Analysis 6.4.5 Analyst Insight Conclusion 6.5 Cb Distributors, Inc. Market Statistics 6.5.1 Cb Distributors, Inc. Summary 5.5.5 Australia 6.5.2 Product Portfolio Pestle Analysis 21st Century Smoke Conclusion 6.5.3 Financials Market Statistics 6.5.4 Key Developments 5.5.6 India 6.5.5 Analyst Insight www.bisresearch.com 2014|BIS
  • 4. GLOBAL ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE & E VAPOR MARKET Size, Share, Analysis & Forecast 2014-2024 Table of Contents 6.6 China National tobacco Corporation 6.13.2 Product Portfolio 6.6.1 China National tobacco Corporation Puritane Summary 6.13.3 Financials 6.6.2 Product Portfolio 6.13.4 Key Developments 6.6.3 Financials 6.13.5 Analyst Insight 6.6.4 Key Developments 6.14 Gamucci Electronic Cigarettes 6.6.5 Analyst Insight 6.14.1 Gamucci Electronic Cigarettes Summary 6.7 Cigavette 6.14.2 Product Portfolio 6.7.1 Cigavette Summary 6.14.3 Financials 6.7.2 Product Portfolio 6.14.4 Key Developments 6.7.3 Financials 6.14.5 Analyst Insight 6.7.4 Key Developments 6.15 Imperial tobacco Group Plc 6.7.5 Analyst Insight 6.15.1 Imperial tobacco Group Plc Summary 6.8 Clearette Electronic Cigarette Co. 6.15.2 Product Portfolio 6.8.1 Clearette Electronic Cigarette Co. Summary 6.15.3 Financials 6.8.2 Product Portfolio 6.15.4 Key Developments 6.8.3 Financials 6.15.5 Analyst Insight 6.8.4 Key Developments 6.16 International Vapor Group, Inc. (ivg) 6.8.5 Analyst Insight 6.16.1 International Vapor Group, Inc. (ivg) Summary 6.9 Cloudcig 6.16.2 Product Portfolio 6.9.1 Cloudcig Summary South Beachsmoke 6.9.2 Product Portfolio Eversmoke 6.9.3 Financials Nutricigs 6.9.4 Key Developments Vapor Zone 6.9.5 Analyst Insight 6.16.3 Financials 6.10 Dragonite International Ltd. 6.16.4 Key Developments 6.10.1 Dragonite International Ltd. Summary 6.16.5 Analyst Insight 6.10.2 Product Portfolio 6.17 Japan tobacco, Inc. (JT) 6.10.3 Financials 6.17.1 Japan tobacco, Inc. (JT) Summary 6.10.4 Key Developments 6.17.2 Product Portfolio 6.10.5 Analyst Insight E-lites 6.11 Feellife Bioscience International Co. Ltd. 6.17.3 Financials 6.11.1 Feellife Bioscience International Co. Ltd. 6.17.4 Key Developments Summary 6.17.5 Analyst Insight 6.11.2 Product Portfolio 6.18 Logic Technology Summary 6.11.3 Financials 6.18.1 Logic Technology 6.11.4 Key Developments 6.18.2 Product Portfolio 6.11.5 Analyst Insight 6.18.3 Financials 6.12 Fin Branding Group Llc. Summary 6.18.4 Key Developments 6.12.1 Fin Branding Group Llc. 6.18.5 Analyst Insight 6.12.2 Product Portfolio 6.19 Lorillard, Inc. 6.12.3 Financials 6.19.1 Lorillard, Inc. Summary 6.12.4 Key Developments 6.19.2 Product Portfolio 6.12.5 Analyst Insight Blu Ecigs 6.13 Fontem Ventures Skycig 6.13.1 Fontem Ventures Summary 6.19.3 Financials www.bisresearch.com 2014|BIS
  • 5. GLOBAL ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE & E VAPOR MARKET Size, Share, Analysis & Forecast 2014-2024 Table of Contents 6.19.4 Key Developments 6.26.3 Financials 6.19.5 Analyst Insight 6.26.4 Key Developments 6.20 Njoy, Inc. 6.26.5 Analyst Insight 6.20.1 Njoy, Inc. Summary 6.27 Vapor Corp. 6.20.2 Product Portfolio 6.27.1 Vapor Corp. Summary 6.20.3 Financials 6.27.2 Product Portfolio 6.20.4 Key Developments 6.27.3 Financials 6.20.5 Analyst Insight 6.27.4 Key Developments 6.21 Philip Morris International Inc. (pmi) 6.27.5 Analyst Insight 6.21.1 Philip Morris International Inc. (pmi) Summary 6.28 Victory Electronic Cigarettes Corporation 6.21.2 Product Portfolio 6.28.1 Victory Electronic Cigarettes Corporation Marlboro Iqos E-cigarette Summary Nicocigs 6.28.2 Product Portfolio 6.21.3 Financials Vapestick 6.21.4 Key Developments Ten Motives 6.21.5 Analyst Insight Fin 6.22 Provape Vip 6.22.1 Provape Summary 6.28.3 Financials 6.22.2 Product Portfolio 6.28.4 Key Developments 6.22.3 Financials 6.28.5 Analyst Insight 6.22.4 Key Developments 6.29 Vmr Products Llc 6.22.5 Analyst Insight 6.29.1 Vmr Products Llc Summary 6.23 Reynolds American Inc. (rai) 6.29.2 Product Portfolio 6.23.1 Reynolds American Inc. (rai) Summary V2 Cigs 6.23.2 Product Portfolio Vapor Couture Vuse Electronic Cigarettes 6.29.3 Financials 6.23.3 Financials 6.29.4 Key Developments 6.23.4 Key Developments 6.29.5 Analyst Insight 6.23.5 Analyst Insight 6.24 Shenzhen Firstunion Technology Co. Ltd. 6.24.1 Shenzhen Firstunion Technology Co.ltd. Summary 6.24.2 Product Portfolio 6.24.3 Financials 6.24.4 Key Developments 6.24.5 Analyst Insight 6.25 Shenzhen Smoore Technology Ltd. 6.25.1 Shenzhen Smoore Technology Ltd. Summary 6.25.2 Product Portfolio 6.25.3 Financials 6.25.4 Key Developments 6.25.5 Analyst Insight 6.26 Shenzhen Timiya Technology Co. Ltd. 6.26.1 Shenzhen Timiya Technology Co. Ltd. Summary 6.26.2 Product Portfolio www.bisresearch.com 2014|BIS
  • 6. GLOBAL ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE & E VAPOR MARKET Size, Share, Analysis & Forecast 2014-2024 List of Tables Table 1 Threat From New Entrants Table 10 Advantages & Disadvantages of Personal Table 2 Bargaining Power of Suppliers Vaporizers Table 3 Intensity of Competitive Rivalry Table 11 Global E-cigarette Market Value By Table 4 Bargaining Power of Suppliers: Geography ($billion), 2014-2024 Quantification Table 12 North America E-cigarette Market Value Table 5 Bargaining Power of Buyers: Quantification ($Million), 2014-2024 Table 6 E-cigarette Product Market Value ($Million), Table 13 Europe America E-cigarette Market Value 2014-2024 ($Million), 2014-2024 Table 7 Advantages And Disadvantages of Table 14 European Countries & E-cigarette Disposable Electronic Cigarettes Regulation Table 8 Advantages And Disadvantages of Table 15 APAC E-cigarette Market Value ($Million), Rechargeable Electronic Cigarettes 2014-2024 Tab...