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2. Leadership and team workPeak Performance Leadership 3. LEADERSHIP AND TEAMWORKLife Proposal Shared VisionLeadership vs. Management Power vs. Authority Self - esteem Attitudes Perceptual IntelligenceCommunicationThe Ten Commandments 4. THE CENTRALPURPOSES OF TONIGHTSDISCUSSION ARE... 5. LEADERSHIP vs.MANAGEMENT 6. THE SENSE OFMISSION IN LIFE. LIFE PURPOSE 7. POWER vs.AUTHORITY 8. SELSELF-ESTEEM 9. Max imu m 1098 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Pre -su icid al 0Self- esteem Check-up 10. THE POKER GAME THEORYOur creeds remain in the jail ofour Comfort Zone . Its easer tostay there complaining thanrunning the risk to stand up anddo something about 11. What increases or diminishes your self-esteem is not what onesays about you, but theconversation you keepwith yourself after the other stops speaking 12. Self- esteem Self-Respect(personal value)Self-Confidence(personal competence) Responsibility (response + ability) 13. Max imu m 1098 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Pre -su icid al 0Self- esteem Check-up 14. ATTITUDESEnthusiasmAction OrientedOpen to Differences Open to Changes 15. Comfort ZoneImageRealityStructural TensionShifts perception of reality Enhances CreativityGenerates Motivation 16. PERCEPTUALINTELLIGENCE PerceptionAttention Anticipation 17. ESPACIAL-PERCEPTIVA 18. COMMUNICATIONApplying Principles of Coaching inLeadership 19. The deepest source of humanmotivation, is in the badly need of the human being to feelimportant. John Dewey The most intense principle in the human nature, is its anxiety of feeling appreciated. William James 20. PIGMALION EFFECTThe capability to awaken enthusiasmand motivation in individuals, makingthem feel important, is one of thebiggest assets a leader will retain inhis entire personal and professional life. 21. SUMMARY THE TENCOMMANDMENTS TOSUPERIOR LEADERSHIP 22. 1DEVELOP YOURSENSE OF MISSION and LIFE PURPOSEThe sense of mission isborn from a desire in yourheart, a flame ofenthusiasm and the impulse to serve 23. 2ALLIGN WITH THE COMPANYS VISION ANDVALUES AND SHARE WITHPEOPLEVision is something you seeand others dont. Somepeople would say its a pocket definition of lunacy Anita Rodick 24. 3 EXERT AUTHORITY,NEVER POWER Authority is the capabilityto lead people to do in goodwill what needs to be done,because of the leaderspersonal influence 25. 4 CAPITALIZE ON THEDIFFERENCES E + R = O If you dont like theoutcome and cant change the events, the only choice is to change your response 26. 5TAKE DISCIPLINEDAND COURAGEOUS ACTION IN SPITE OF THE CIRCUMSTANCES Whatever needs to be done,do it now. Dont wait untilafternoon if it can be accomplished in the morning. 27. 6 REVIEW HOW YOUCOMMUNICATE WITHYOURSELF AND THE WORLDYour truly wealth ismeasured not by how much you have but by how youthink Napoleon 28. 7 REVIEW YOURATTITUDESQuestion paradigms andperceptions. Be good to theworld and the world will be good to you 29. 8LEARN TO KEEP YOURSELF-ESTEEM HIGHSelf-esteem is not determined by what one says about you, but by the conversation you keep with yourself after theother stops speaking 30. 9 ALWAYS BE GRATEFUL Gratitude is not generatedby any single action thatpleased us but a state of mindand heart that we develop byfeeling grateful 31. 10CELEBRATE AND SHARE THE VICTORIESYours and your peoples inner child are alwaysanxious to be nurtured. Takeadvantage of the moments of achievement.