What Every Caregiver Should Know

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http://carefamily.com In this presentation, you will find out what every caregiver should know and more. Caregiving is a special career that is not for everyone. But if you think you want to pursue jobs in this field, it can be a very rewarding experience. In order to be a senior caregiver, you have to be prepared to deal with seniors and often with difficult family dynamics too. You have to be ready to be flexible and willing to try new things in order to best assist the elderly person for whom you are caring. To learn more about what every caregiver should know or to find more helpful tips, visit our resource site at info.carefamily.com. Our goal is to connect great caregivers with families who are looking for senior home care.


<ul><li> 1. What Every Senior Caregiver Should KnowPresented by:Tom Knox December 20, 2013CareFamily.com</li></ul> <p> 2. Decide if Senior Care is Right for You Are you OK with dealing with an older person? Memory issues Physical limitations Are you OK dealing with family dynamics? Family may have strong opinions Emotional attachment Experience of losing the person you have been caring forCareFamily.com 3. How Can I Best Present Myself When Meeting with a Family? Remember: This is a very important job for the family They are letting you into their home They are trusting you with a loved on Dress Professionally Nice set of scrubs; Presentable Clothing Avoid jeans and T-shirts Be well-groomed Remember that, at times, you may be taking the senior places Keep in mind that piercings and more esoteric fashions could be strange to seniors Take notes and ask questions You are checking them out as much as they are checking you out 4. What You Should Know Flexibility is Key Caring for a senior necessitates that you remain alert and adaptable Different cases could require different levels of service Training is Available Licensing a variety of schools Certification Online coursesCareFamily.com 5. A Great Example of a FREE Course!Great, Relevant CourseOfferings to Continue your education 6. What You Should Know Clear Communication is Essential Honest, consistent updates to family Manage expectations Pay is Important Make sure you know what you are making after taxes Be respectful and reasonable when discussing payCareFamily.com 7. What You Should Know Burnout People naturally experience some level of burnout Create a backup team who can help when you need to rest Learn How to Stay Busy and Keep Laughing Find activities with the senior that keep both of you positive Laughing helps you physically and mentallyCareFamily.com 8. What You Should Know Death is a Natural Part of Life You will see people with whom you develop strong bonds, pass away It is a very important part of this job Senior Caregiving can be Highly Rewarding Career! Great sense of fulfillment Your work does not go unnoticed You will be a hero to someoneCareFamily.com 9. Our Story Your Story My beloved grandmother was neglected in a facility. It inspired me to start an agency that successfully hired and cared for thousands of seniors at home. I have realized that there are great caregivers who want to build their careers at a livable wage. Our goal is to provide you great career options with the best families in America. - Tom Knox, Founder Held by my great grandmother 5 Generations of my family.CareFamily.com 10. Visit us at:www.CareFamily.com</p>