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Tell me about YOURSELF?

Tell ME About Yourself? Made By: Jyoti Patwal BCA student (DSVV)

Motive Behind This QuestionConfidenceEnthusiasmPassionSpeed of your responseStart with nice openersI can summarize who I am in three words.The quotation I live my life by isMy personal philosophy is People who know me best say that Im Well, I goggled myself this morning, and heres what I found When I was seven years old, I always wanted to be Can I show you, instead of telling you?The compliment people give me most frequently isCatch up your own answersRelevanceInterestingConcise


Dont become (yet ANOTHER) non-entity in the gray mass of BLAH BLAH BLAH!!Personal IntroductionStart with your nameFollow up with your backgroundRelate it to the positionTurn the question on themAvoid overexposureYOU

Educational QualificationInterestsStrengthsWeaknessFuture plansCurricular/ Co-curricular Activities