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my first year as a contributor in open source projects.. why do I like it so much, and why should you become one?

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  • 1. Start hacking already!

2. /whoami Bert Desmet Belgium 21 years old Student electronics-IT in Ghent (college) President CFK Student board Fedora Ambassador Spins wranglerAnd oh! I love beer and chocolate ;-) 3. about How does a community work? Why would I? How can I do it? 4. Open source? 5. Open source... 6. How does a community work? 7. Things a project needs.. A projectSoftware?Hardware? PeopleDevelopersMarketeersDesigners... ... 8. And a community looks like...?Contributors (5%) Participants (15%)PARTICIPATE SHARE Consumers (80%) SEEK 9. So, why join? FutureUser Poolin flu en ec User Pool 10. and... Networking! Learn cool things! Think about your future! Respect ;-) 11. I'm a hacker.. I will write code for awesome projects I learn new techniques I am not the smartest guy around.. I get things :-) 12. I get things... 13. I'm an ambassador I give (sucky) presentations I man booths I support other users I get to places 14. I get to places 15. I am not a designer But you can be one! But I once made something too :-) 16. What things? Whatever you want! As long as you believe in it! 17. so.... ... 18. Questions?E-mail: Twitter: @biertie @bdesmet Web: