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  1. 1. which are defined as . S A T refers to P A B S skills A abilities T traits that relevant to P personality A attitude B behavior of a person Finally technical knowledge or subjective partetc.
  2. 2. Soft skill are very important To handle Interpersonal relations take Appropriate decisions Make Communicate effectively have Good impression impact gain Professional development
  4. 4. Communication is vital part of soft skills
  5. 5. Evaluates a persons 1. proficiency indications 2. spelling grammar , errors ..etc 3. Keeping handouts ,key notes, 4. Good visual presentation. writing circulars ,reports & agenda , letters, mails
  6. 6. Presentation skills include planning, preparation & delivery of the message Making a formal speech is one form of presentation Presentation skills physical oral electronically
  7. 7. Man is a social animal (so he/she has to have .) relationship & interaction with others must respect the views & sentiments of others must to differ their views, we must very politely give hints to them without wondering their feelings
  8. 8. Interpersonal skills Team work networking leadership networking leadership Team work
  9. 9. Leaders Leader Has to As to Is to Is to Trust them self Keep smiling Share & stay together Has to Always learn new things Accept responsibility for your self & your actions As to Look at problems & challenges Be grateful always Love your self
  10. 10. Some of born leaders
  11. 11. People of either different gender, ages & groups , qualification, status & skills work as a team with a common objective of accomplishing the task
  12. 12. schedule your time accordingly Impotent work should be allotted more time & taken up first Stress: Listening to classical music & practicing Yoga will considerably reduce the physical, emotional & mental stress of an individual
  13. 13. 99% Work Ethic 96% English Language 95% Reading & Writing 94% Problem Solving & Critical Thinking 94% Interpersonal 90% Math 68% Computer Software 68% Leadership 58% Manual Labor 44% Tools & Machine 40% Special Language( Telugu, Tamil , kanada ,Marathi.
  14. 14. Learn soft skills as a piece of your core subject Provide balance between General knowledge (29%) major- soft - skills (51%) NORMAL SUBJECTS (20%)