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  • 1. Surranna Sandy President Surcorp Group Founder - Resume Solutions Certified Expert Resume Writer Certified Employment Interview Professional Certified Web Portfolio Practitioner Certified Job & Career Transition Coach Certified Job & Career Development Coach Certified Resume Specialist Information Technology 2011 Surcorp Group of Companies 1
  • 2. Social networks to advance your career - how to use LinkedIn, Visualcv, WhyHire, Ecademy,Twitter, Plaxo and Facebook to identify career opportunities. Profile management and maximization how to put your best face forward in your network profiles Information Transparency & the Internet WayBack Machine how to make sure your blog posts, comments, articles, and photos dont come back to haunt your career for years and years. Friend segmentation and information safeguarding how to separate out what your spouse, the boss, and your friends can see on your Facebook profile. Bonus social career resources sites for job search, resume management, salaries, and more. 2
  • 3. The best way to find a job is through networking. You can go to networking meetings, tap into your own personal network, or ask friends who they know. With the Internet buzzing with social media, there are similarly many ways to use social media in order to network, and eventually find a job. Social sites help you in your job search. Some of these sites allow you to craft a resume, while others are networking platforms that contain job listings. By signing up for multiple sites, you increase your chances of getting a job and decrease the amount of time youll spend searching for a new one. Social sites can be combined with other sites to be more impactful. Support these sites with either a traditional website or blog, so that you have more to present to employers, in addition to your profile. Getting a Job Word of Mouth marketing Pay and Promotion Strategic alliances Influence and effectiveness Financial stability Venture Capital & Financing Democracy Organizational learning and doing Global reach 4
  • 4. Do I really need this? Tips to get Started: Professional branding is important Check Your Brand: Google your for anyone who is job searching or name and see what shows up. building their career. Does this reflect how you want the world to see you? Do you even Its important to create a personal show up?? brand that portrays you in a professional light. Keep Your Personal Life Private: make sure that its only available Employers and contacts need a to the people you want to see it. positive impression of you as a Be careful what you write on your high-caliber individual who would blog, or other peoples blogs or be an asset to their organization. social networking pages. Job seekers need to have a Build Your Brand: proactively put professional online presence that together your online presence by can easily be found by hiring signing up for a variety of social managers, recruiters, and career and professional networking sites. contacts. This will also bump the not-so- good stuff down the list in Google. Establishing a personal brand allows you to differentiate and Keep Active & Consistent: make position yourself from the sure all your profiles and sites competition and claim your job. send the same message. Make a habit of regularly updating, posting and submitting new content to keep your brand 5 fresh!
  • 5. Allows you to create a personal website that is integrated with social media sites, can host your resume, blog and career tools. Offers access to online learning material.create your own profile and your pulse stream, which is madeup of your presence on other social media sites. Allows you tocreate an address book to keep all your contacts organized andwithin reach. platform for networking with employers who are offering jobs, while youre searching. You can upload your resume, embed your video resume, showcase links to your site, your picture and tag your skills. tries to pair you up with a job that best fits you. Their Mutual Suitability SystemTM that enables them to match your wants and needs to those of employers to find the best relationship. prime source for professional networking. You have your own online profile, can join business networking groups based around your expertise and exchange messages with members privately. www.SurcorpGrou 6
  • 6. Linked In is a professional social networking site Linked In is an online network of more than 100 million experienced professionals from around the world, representing 150 industries. 12.5% are senior management It is free to join. After you join, you create a profile that summarizes your professional accomplishments. Your profile helps you find and be found by former colleagues, clients, and partners. You can add more connections by inviting trusted contacts to join Linked In and connect to you LinkedIn will help you to: Stay informed about your contacts and industry Find the people & knowledge you need to achieve your goals Control your professional identity online 7
  • 7. Add connections to increase visibility and request introductions. Use Advanced Search to find people with similar expertise, jobs, and companies. Get to know companies and interviewers by searching for them. Be thorough -- think of this as your online rsum, with even more added detail so as to cross-reference with other users Join groups to network with like individuals, and further build your brand. Take part in Q&As to attain expert badge status in a topic area. Search for jobs and use your connects to get a virtual foot in the door Upload presentations that show your expertise. 8
  • 8. The LinkedIn Title Bar showcases Optimize it!!your: Use the first and last name that is Name most searchable Professional designations Add ALL your designations Brief professional headline Include keywords in your headline Geographic location Choose your industry strategically Industry / Sector Consider adding a photo, but make sure it is professional and you are easily recognizable 9
  • 9. Includes: Current Employment Work history Education LinkedIn stats Online links Social Media links Public profile link Optimize it!! Strategically select employment experience & roles Include ALL education & trainingBoost your online brand equity: create a Increase connections &personal website, publish a blog and post on recommendationsTwitter feature your social media links onLinkedIn! Get a vanity URL 10
  • 10. Includes: Text based space best