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Social Media Brand Plan By Adrienne Mahan

Social Media Brand Plan

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My social media brand plan for JRNL 379 (and my future!).

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Page 1: Social Media Brand Plan

Social Media Brand Plan

By Adrienne Mahan

Page 2: Social Media Brand Plan


• Advertise myself for career possibilities

• Move to big city like NYC or Chicago (long-term)

• Obtain career in magazine industry – write for Rolling Stone

or other entertainment magazine ideally

Page 3: Social Media Brand Plan


• Include all relevant writing, photography and design work– Showcase all talents & abilities

• Twitter, Facebook, Picasa, Google, LinkedIn, Delicious and YouTube all assets to my online brand

• My online resume can be found (& downloaded) at: http://adriennemahan.wordpress.com

Page 4: Social Media Brand Plan


• Intern positions and other experience are key in reaching my goals

• Ultimately I aim to become a writer, photographer who has the opportunity to attend events and interview performers

Page 5: Social Media Brand Plan

SWOT Analysis:

• Strengths:– Well-rounded skill set for

journalism career

• Weaknesses:– Lack of professional experience

• Opportunities:– Supportive family to help me

obtain goals wherever I may have to go to accomplish them

• Threats:– Other new journalists with same

experience as me competing for same jobs

Page 6: Social Media Brand Plan

Current Online Presence:

• Facebook• Twitter• Google• Picasa

• YouTube– Needs development

• LinkedIn– Add experience

• Blogger• Wordpress

Page 7: Social Media Brand Plan

Key Messages:

• My social media brand will represent my skills and abilities as a journalist

• Without meeting me, employers will see how organized I am and how much work I can put into making something great

Page 8: Social Media Brand Plan


• Try to get in anywhere I can– Write event stories for local


• Start my own entertainment blog(?)– Use Wordpress

• Looks neat & like real website • Easy to manage

Page 9: Social Media Brand Plan


• I’m currently working on getting an internship to start getting professional experience

• Short-term:– I have been working to put a lot of my work

online for ease in sharing with potential employers, I will continue to work on and finish this in the next few months

• Long-term:– Stay humble & hard-working– Be ambitious

Page 10: Social Media Brand Plan


• The best way to measure my success will be through how much work I’m doing (daily) & how content I am with what I’m doing

• A job would be nice– One that offers opportunity to advance within

the company or to bigger companies of the like– Ideally at a company/publication that is

somewhat popular