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<p>SEO Tips For Beginners</p> <p>SEO Tips For Beginners</p> <p>As a beginner we want to learn you there is no easy way to to rank your site on first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing. We want to tell you Search engines are administeredby complex algorithms and it takes a lot of steps convince them that your site or page have quality to findone of the top spots.</p> <p>SEO Tips For Beginners</p> <p>SEO Tips For Beginners</p> <p>SEO Tips For Beginners</p> <p>Page Titles and descriptionPage titles are a very important part for SEO, and this is why it is first on the list. page titles are important after launching new algorithm by Google. You have to careful about at the time of choosing Title for your posts.The page title must be unique and it describe you content accurately.Be brief and descriptive.Page title must be helpful for user by seeing page title user understand about what thing page have.</p> <p>SEO Tips For Beginners</p> <p>DescriptionA pages description is also very important. It provides users, Google and other search engines brief summary about your page. This description shows on below of title after publishing your page on Search engine The characteristic for a good description are:Description should be unique description for all pages, post, products of your website.Description size between 150-160 characters.Dont repeating the title in the descriptionDont add too many keywords</p> <p>SEO Tips For Beginners</p> <p>Internal links</p> <p>Internal links we mean links in your page that have link of other page. within the web site i.e. not external links. In the example below when you click on the link with anchor you will be redirected to a this page.</p> <p>SEO Tips For Beginners</p> <p>Text formatting and the use of H1, H2 and H3 H1 tags is only for TitleH2 is for main headings of your post.Use BOLD and Italics to draw users attentionDont use H2 tags for all your headingsWrite small paragraphsUse a font size that is easy to read for user.</p> <p>SEO Tips For Beginners</p> <p>Check All latest tips and tricks to get high ranking here. You can find also latest SEO jobs here.</p> <p></p>