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Cyber Bullying Presented by Class 2-1 Group 4

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Cyber Bullying

Presented by Class 2-1 Group 4

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An introduction to Cyber Bullying

• Definition

• Poses threats to our society.

• Signs/Symptoms

• Actions against Cyber Bullying

• Solutions

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Anger, revenge, frustration


To get a reaction


Reminder of social standing

Unaware that it is also another form of bullying

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What happens during Cyber Bullying?

• Children are tormented, threatened, harassed, humiliated, embarrassed or otherwise targeted by another child, preteen or teen using the Internet, interactive and digital technologies or mobile phones.

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Loss of ISP or IM accounts due to service violation.

Possibility of criminal matter under state and federal law.

Trauma to victim (Emotional and/or physical) -Suicide?

Charges of juvenile delinquency

The Adverse Effects

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Survey Findings – The evidence How many people are aware of cyber

bullying (its effects, how it has developed over the years, etc)?

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Case Studies Do we use the ones we have on our report?

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Actions taken, what has yet to be taken and we can be taken.

~Already Taken~

Parents need to know what they don’t. Educating them and passing that knowledge on.

School’s involvement


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SolutionsSchools – Education and informing students

of Cyber Bullying

Victim – Ignore, seek help, don’t tackle the problems on your own and seek advice from a trusted adult (parent, teacher, etc).

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Cyber bullying is ever progressing as a trend, bringing negative consequences and harm to our society. We must rise up to counter something that is hard to catch in the act. Until we do something to fight against it, all of its effects will eventually affect everyone of us. After all, children are the future.