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  • My Professional Experience

    Begoa Gonzlez

    Founder Marketing Talent Leadership 3.0.

    Digital Marketing 3.0 Liderando Talento.

    Success with LinkedIn strategies

    Begoa Gonzlez Professional Experience

  • Changing the rules of the game This is the game

    You, Head of HR, are my target audience now.

    My intention is present you a powerful marketing candidature. And I will try to convince you in a different way: to give you a competitive advantage in your company recruiting an unique professional, a marketing expert with a solid 3.0 background and more than 10 years of multinational experience.

    My goal: to find a Recruiter with demonstrable ability to turn dreams into reality. And my dream is to share my future success adding an exceptional value in your company.

    Would you mind to give me two minutes of your attention?

    Lets rock!

    Begoa Gonzlez Professional Experience

  • What can I do for you

    Marketing & Communication the search for marketing excellence

    Lead success. Team management transversely, integrating and involving different

    areas of the company. Solve the communication in customer service, in management

    and customer experience in digital communication. Always measuring the short-term

    investment and generating benefits to the medium / long time.

    Create unique value. Turning the intangible value of the brand in tangible changing the

    perception of the client / consumer. Creating brand experiences, connecting with current

    and potential customers in a way more emotional and authentic. Your brand will

    triumph offering experiences rather than products / services.

    Manage and coordinate events / conferences. Enhancing the brand according to the

    previously defined strategy.

    Begoa Gonzlez Professional Experience

  • What can I do for you

    Marketing & Communication the search for marketing excellence

    Surprise. Exceed customer expectations to surprise them taking quick and accurate

    decisions, adapting to a professional environment constantly and rapidly changing.

    Hear. Inside and outside the organization to know what they want, what they think and

    what they need and offering the best product / service. Putting even on their skin and

    understanding their reactions.

    Monitor. Results for decisions. Evaluate and establish metrics aligned with KPIs.

    Turning Around 1.0 to 3.0. Lead the transformation of the company renewing

    Marketing strategy 3.0.

    Begoa Gonzlez Professional Experience

  • who I am you can choose

    I am the perfect cheff (yes, I said cheff)

    that know what are the excellence

    ingredients. And know to combine them to

    produce market benefits.

    Or a cliffhanger who perfectly knows the

    art of climbing in our marketing landscape,

    finding the path to create a brilliant


    Begoa Gonzlez Professional Experience

  • Begoa Gonzlez Professional Experience

    SUCCESS CASE EXAMPLE: Customer loyalty card


    Maintain our brand / product as the best option to generate more sales

    Generate greater number of prospects, step by step

    Unify database

    Generate traffic to the web


    Leads and Customers


    Tone, style , identity ... Communication rules


    Club members will be exclusively Clients and former clients. They can enjoy all the



    Simple , easy to remember , what comes and transmits enough what we want


  • Begoa Gonzlez Professional Experience


    Exclusive phone number Incorporated into the Web and RRSS Having "Honorary members" (opinion leaders in the sector) that will sponsor the Club Presentation to the emailing press Launching new marketing material


    Discounts for new products purchased or to contracted future courses Volume discounts: discount undercover. We'll move as we interested (margins, launch

    products, obsolete ...) Progressive discount if you visit us on our stand, if we bring comments to our website,

    if you participate in the forums. Members get Members Chats with leading figures Breakfasts, roundtables, meetings on what interests us tucking each month Invitation to Seminars and Conferences User Meetings Panel discussions Chats / Forums Special passes to shows and / or cultural events and sports

  • Begoa Gonzlez Professional Experience


    Database updated with emails 100 % reliable Increased sales by 4% Greater customer knowledge Position ourselves in the consumer's mind informed consumers Create customer segmentations according to taste and buy High ratio of responses to questionnaires valuation

  • Begoa Gonzlez Professional Experience

    SUCCESS CASE EXAMPLE: How to plan 40 events per year

    Conceptualize your big idea. Whether you are doing or cocktail party, setting a

    theme gives the tone of the event and gives you a starting point when picking your food,

    your music, your dcor and more. The theme should be appropriate to the crowd for

    which you are planning.

    Set a preliminary budget for them.

    View locations. Discuss roon rental cost. Determine what the hours are that you will

    have access to the room. Define of the food come from the location or outside. Find out if

    the venue can provide decorations or if you have to supply your own.

    Determine your menu with your caterer or facility, the timing and manner of

    serving. It will be a buffet or a sit-down, appetizers ahead of time, and/or dessert bar.

    Decoration. Match your theme.

    Invitations. Create and send via email or via traditional mail. Publish in the RRSS.

    Make a to-do list timeline. Check the list and create a countdown to stay on the top of

    the top of the little details. Check and double check your list the week before, the day

    before and the day of to make sure that you haven't forgotten anything

  • What do you need for your Organization

    Competencies based on testimonials from

    my work partners and principal customers

    Strategist person


    Decisive Thinker


    Skilled Influencer

    Courage to Challenge


    Personally Credible

    Begoa Gonzlez Professional Experience

  • Strategies person

    Demonstrates determination, resourcefulness and purpose to deliver the best results for you


    Demonstrates the ability to understand data and information quickly. Uses information, insights and

    knowledge in a structured way to identify options and make robust and pragmatic decisions.


    Future-focused, inquisitive and open-minded; seeks out evolving and innovative ways to add value

    Skilled Influencer & Communicator

    Demonstrates the ability to influence to gain the necessary commitment and support from diverse

    stakeholders. Able to translate Marketing Strategies into relevant and concise communications

    Courage to Challenge

    Shows courage and confidence to speak up skillfully, challenging others even when confronted with

    resistance or unfamiliar circumstances.


    Works effectively and inclusively with a range of people.

    Begoa Gonzlez Professional Experience

  • Im qualified for..

    Marketing Manager

    Digital Marketing Manager

    Content Manager

    Digital Account Manager

    Strategies Marketing Manager

    LinkedIn Manager

    LinkedIn strategies Manager Chief marketing officer Digital strategies manager

    Events Manager

    Begoa Gonzlez Professional Experience

  • Some (excellent) references

    Visit my linkedIn profile and let see who they are.

    Begoa Gonzlez Professional Experience

  • Ask me about the future of marketing and

    communication in your company

    Contact me:

    Phone: +34 696 33 90 85

    Begoa Gonzlez Professional Experience