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Maximizing Virtual Resources & Embracing Opportunities

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Life Can Be What We Want It To Be - When We Believe...

Text of Maximizing Virtual Resources & Embracing Opportunities

  • The Gift of You Inspired by: Willie Gregory
  • Attitude Makes The Difference By: Zig Ziglar As Job Seekers I Have Always Stressed To You That We Are All Sales People & The Product Is Us. Our Attitude Will Determine Our Altitude No One Explains This Fact of Life Better Than the Renowned Motivational Speaker Zig Ziglar. Attitude Makes The Difference Please Click On Link Above
  • Keys To Climbing The Stairs of Success Embrace The Opportunities That Life Gives You Seek First To Understand & Then To Be Understood Maximize Virtual Resources for Job Search Connect With A Reputable Support Group Identify & Apply to Potential Customers/Employers Establish Life-long Customer Service Relationships
  • Strategies To Becoming Gainfully Employed Emphasizing the Quality of Service We Bring
  • As Job Seekers - We Get To Choose Who The Customer Is. Bear In Mind - Each Choice Carries Residual Effects When I Chose Myself: Isolation Sets In I Lose Popularity Depression Overwhelms I Become Inflated with Self Im Unattractive to Decision Makers When I Choose the Employer Im Service Oriented Popularity Increases Less Focus is on Issues My Viewpoints Expand I'm More Attractive to Decision Makers
  • Mind Over Matter Internalize Your Best Thinking Got You Here Make A Conscious Choice To Change Via Action Outline A Written Plan of Action Build A Sound Support System of Friends & Professionals Create An Effective Marketing Tool Your Resume Effective As Demonstrated By Action & Not Personal Opinion Identify The Industry (s) You Want To Target Pick 3 Employers To Market Yourself To Within Each Industry
  • Community of Practice
  • Decision Time Unemployment and the Reasons That Caused Us To Be Unemployed Can Be Overwhelming We Can Increase Our Chances of Success By Teaming Up With Others of Like Minds In Similar Situations
  • Virtual Resources The Keys To Success
  • King County Library System The Light At The End Of The Tunnel
  • KCLS Resume Builder & Reference USA Databases Resume Builder Will Assist In Creating A Resume from Scratch Offers Multiple Industries, Occupations, Styles & Formats Has Videos To Virtually Demonstrate Applicability Reference USA Allows You To Search By Industry, Employer Name & Type of Work Has Links To Free Personality Assessments tests Has Links To Federal, State & Local Job Leads
  • The Simplicity of Google All Encompassing Search Engine
  • Google Searches GOOGLE Please click on link above When Unsure of How or Where to Conduct Searches Step Back (mentally) from the Topic & Just Ask The Question: I.E. How Do I find Administrative Staffing Agencies in Renton, WA.? Or: Where are the Networking Groups for Renton, WA.?
  • Pick 3 Employers After Identifying 3 Employers or Networking Groups to Market Yourself to: Document The Process Via Logs Tasks Responsible Party Resources Needed Completion Date Status Asst. Director - Green River Community College Christopher Wells - Director Cover Letter, Resume, Neo- Gov Application 2/4/2014 Position Closes on 2/14/14 - Follow Up On 2/28/14 Training Consultant - King County Executive Services Robert James - Hiring Manager Cover Letter, Resume, Government, Supplemental Questions 2/7/2014 Continuous Position - Follow Up On 2/21/14 Financial Services Specialist - DSHS - Belltown CSO Anthony Distefano - Hiring Manager Cover Letter, Resume, Careers.wa Application, Supplemental Questions 2/7/2014 Position Closes on 2/12/14 - Follow Up On 2/26/14
  • Informational Interviews Selling ME To The Employer
  • Research The Term Informational Interview Go to the Employers Websites & Identify Existing Job Leads Based on Knowledge of Self Pick The Most Viable Options Using Your Best Industry Specific Resume Apply for Job Phone Employer Using Optimal Customer Service Skills Use 15 second Pitch to Identify Yourself & Reason for Calling Upon Reaching Hiring Manager, Initiate Sales Pitch
  • Closing The Sale Follow Up
  • Documentation & Presentations Documentation Update Spreadsheet With Status It Will Help You Identify Patterns It Will Enhance Your Ability To Remember Names of Critical People It Creates Accountability for Self, Others & Builds Confidence Presentations Before Interview, use google searches etc. to Identify Culture Reflect On When You Successfully Met Someone for the 1st Time Dress Appropriately for the Interview & Most Importantly - Be You...
  • Preparation Leads To Separation Your Handwork Has Prepared You for Success! Try & focus on interviewing being another format to talk to total strangers a process that we do everyday
  • Enjoy The Fruits of Your Labor Celebrate by Not Losing Your Edge & Continually Seek To Improve Keep Firing Until You Hit The Target Then RELOAD!!!
  • "At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us." -- Albert Schweitzer --
  • Whether You Believe You Can Change Your Employment Situation Or Not, Guess What Youre Right! Know That I Believe In You!! Now Its Time For You To Show Just How Much You Believe In Yourself Sincerely:WillieGregory I Have Truly Enjoyed Traveling On This Employment Journey With Each and Every One of You. May You Go Forth & Do GREAT Things for Yourselves & For Those Whom You Love